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Mansfield University of Pennsylvania
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Nazareth, PA

a current student here
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Am enjoying being here
The people and teachers are awsome which makes it a wonderful environment to learn and meet new people.
Bang for the buck
Every college is expensive, but I definitally think Mansfield is worth every penny.
Tips for prospective students
If you like having a smaller school where you know most of the people then mansfield is a great place to further your studies. Also it is a nice, small quiet community.
Great for these types of students
People who love to be outside and to have many close friends. College is a time about learning wether its learning how to cope with being away from home or learning many new interesting information about your intended major. Mansfield is a great school for all.
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Andrew from Ulster, PA

a current student here
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In three sentences
smaller classes and more knowledgeable professors are a perfect reason to attend mansfield. countless clubs and events make mansfield not only a learning university, but one with a great social environment.
Tips for prospective students
apply early.
Academic Rigor
tough but rewarding and you will be very prepared for next step of school or career.
Dorm Life
brand new dorms
Food and Dining
excellent choices and taste
What to do for fun
many events for students
Great for these types of students
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Heaven from Meadville, PA

a current student here
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In three sentences
Mansfield University is set in the mountains, surrounded by the changing colors of autumn and attended by the most wonderful people one could ever meet. Everyone wants to help one another settle in and find their niche in the university life, leaving no college freshman behind as we all climb through each week of graduation. At Mansfield University, there is always something to do and someone to do things with!
Tips for prospective students
For you students that might be coming in, here is what you need to know:

Find which professors have doctorates, refer to them as Dr. What-Their-Last-Name-Is unless they specifically say otherwise. I have one professor who prefers her students to call her by her first name.

When you are accepted, you will be contacted in some way about all of the resources you will have, once such resource being this fantastic place called WebAdvisor. The moment you know that your classes for your first semester have been set, go to WebAdvisor and check them out. Look specifically for what books they will want you to have for each class and then see if you can find them online for cheap or somewhere local. College book stores are expensive and not everyone has the money for that.

At Mansfield University, we have these spectacular individuals called Resident Assistants or RA's. If you can not settle in or if you are having issues, find them and attach yourself to them. They will help you, they will be your friend, and they will introduce you to people or programs that will help you.

Mansfield University has very many clubs. My suggestion is to not take on any more than three on top of your classes. You will not have time for anything else, I promise you.

Mansfield University has Quidditch! Join us.

Mansfield University is very diverse in sex and sexuality. Do not be afraid to be who you are here. I assure you, you will most likely find someone who is just like you.

Avoid online classes. No, trust me, they are not fun. This is my personal opinion, but it is a very strong personal opinion. Avoid online classes.

Academic Rigor
The classes are not like the classes you took in high school. However, I have talked with other students and it is the general consensus that college life is easier than our past high school careers. The number of classes you take alter from day to day and, as I have said, everyone wants to help you succeed and exceed. There are tutors, peer leaders, advisors, tutoring programs, upperclassmen, professors, and even your fellow freshmen, all ready to help you. You could probably even go to the university president's house and ask him and his wife for help. No one here wants you to fail and no one here is going out of their way to make your classes impossible. If your classes feel impossible, then all you have to do is look for someone to help you make it better.
Dorm Life
We have custodians in each dorm who work hard to make sure that the dorms remain livable. There are other inhabitants who like to scream and yell at unhappy hours in the night, but this is college. Everyone is delighted to not be at home anymore even if they miss their own people and beds. Your neighbors are generally kind and your RA's are the go-to people for any problems or needs that you have. Each dorm building has a kitchen that you can use and you can borrow pots and pans from the front desk if need be. The dorm rooms themselves are equipped with two closets, one shelf in each closet, a bathroom, a lovely set of windows so you can see the outside world, a desk, a sink cupboard, and drawers for clothes. A shower curtain is supplied as well as two small waste baskets. Every room also has a thermostat so that you can control how hot or cold your room is at any point of the night or day. Everything else, you have to supply yourself. The more books you have, the more shelves I suggest you bring. The highlight of our college life, however, is the free washers and dryers! You do not have to pay to do laundry here! There is a common area on each floor with a large widescreen TV and comfy chairs and sofas, and then there are multiple study lounges on each floor. There are four dorm buildings: Oak, Sycamore, Hickory, and Spruce.
Food and Dining
There are multiple places on campus where you can get food. In the Spruce dorm building, there is a bagel cafe called Einstein's. In Alumni Hall, there is a small shop called Jazzman's. The main dining halls themselves are Upper and Lower Manser. Lower Manser is more select and strict, but their food is amazing. You can have your own choice of meal no matter the day. Upper Manser, on the other hand, changes their meals from day to day, meaning that your favorite food could show up maybe once in a week or two. However, Upper Manser is an All You Can Eat Buffet - once you are in, you are allowed to eat anything and everything you please. The downfall of Upper Manser is that it has set meal times and no breakfast, meaning that it doesn't open until lunch at 11:30 and then dinner at 4:30. Lower Manser is opened from early morning to late at night all week days. All of these locations do serve coffee.
What to do for fun
What isn't there to do? Join a club. Go for a walk! Go on a field trip. Goodness knows, someone is always going somewhere to do something. Go to The Hut, this gathering place where different things are usually going on each night - such as Karaoke, Trivia, visiting bands, comedy, dances... If going out isn't interesting, stay in your dorm building and just go down to the game room or whiteboard room (by whiteboard room, I mean you get to draw on the walls of a room because they are whiteboard. I swear, it's fun, and you usually are not doing it alone). Go cook something maybe, or attend dorm activities! The RA's host different activities throughout the year according to their dorm's theme and the season. You are allowed to attend any of the dorms' activities, no matter where you live. Or you can go watch a college sport! Someone is always practicing or having a game. The Quidditch team itself has practice five days out of the week with intramural games and then off-campus tournaments. If none of this sounds fun, then just ask what your friends are doing. If fun to you is a study group and quiet time, there are study lounges and designated quiet areas in the library just for you. The library itself is a fun time because of its large book selection and, if it doesn't have the book you want, you can get an interlibrary loan and receive the book from another library within just a few days. Chances are, though, whatever club or fraternity/sorority you are in will be fun enough. I certainly haven't had much of a chance to be bored since I got here!
Bang for the buck
In all honesty, Mansfield is not cheap. It is not terrifyingly expensive for everything it offers, but it remains expensive nonetheless. To save on money, it is getting rid of amazing programs, such as the Anthropology/Sociology major, the Education major, and the Business Management Major. It is a terrifying time to be at Mansfield right now because we do not know who they might try to cut next for the sake of retaining any wealth left. Nonetheless, I am choosing not to leave because the professors and the people and the classes are so amazing and incredible. No one wants to cut these classes and the true show of the Mountie spirit is in how we have fought and still fight these choices. Of course, one doesn't pay to have a Mountie spirit, but one does pay for everything else. The meal plan is worth it in my opinion, though the dorm rooms are incredibly expensive per semester. I have heard that it would be cheaper to rent a house off-campus. Despite that, I really would like to stay in dorms for the rest of my college career - it is so comfortable and fun here. The professors are, themselves, generally top-notch. I do hear complains about different teachers, but I hear more praise than anything for the majority. The programs excel in my opinion, and turn out incredible human beings ready for the work force. All in all, it could be a little cheaper here, but I still chose to attend, so maybe you will think it worth your money as well.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
Mansfield University in itself feels delightfully unusual to me, but that could be every college. In Quidditch, one of our unusual traditions is to, whenever the referee yells out, The snitch is loose!, yell back, Yeah, he is!. Or, when the referee yells, The snitch has been released!, we yell, See ya, snitch! In Quidditch, we also make a large deal of intimidating our enemies by chanting very loudly with all of our pre-game energy. It works every time.

Other than that, I can not really think of anything too terribly unusual. Everyone and everything, again, feels unusual to me. I would not be here if it did not, I revel in unusual. The people are weird in the best possible way and every club has its own traditions that are quirky. The professors themselves are a bit quirky. My FYS (First Year Seminar) professor brings a tea pot and cup to class every day and my Psychology professor likes to stare into your eyes as he talks to the class until either he or you looks away. Everyone here is a bit strange in their own way.
Great for these types of students
Mansfield University is not in the city. Again, we are in the mountains. There are hills everywhere, flat plains do not exist. Outside of the campus, there are not many places to go and we generally operate out of a Dollar General and a Walmart. The campus itself is not very large and the population is relatively small. Do not come here if you everything I just explained does not appeal to you because I swear that I am not lying. This is a small, rural area, with the closest towns of any important being an hour or so away by car. If everything I just explained sounds fantastic, then, fantastic news! You belong here.
Clubs and Activities
I attend SPECTRUM (our college's LGBTQA club), the Social Work Club (every program has its own club), and Quidditch. Frankly, I love every one of them. Of course, other people might have their own preferences, and that is fine as well! We have very many clubs and, if we do not have the club you want, you can very easily start your own! We have club fairs so that you can get a good look at some of the choices. Do not be afraid to ask questions or attend different clubs just to try them out. You are under no obligation to stay in any club you do not like or do not have time for.
Campus Safety
Your FYS professor will have speakers come in to talk to you about staying safe and about how other people should not endanger your safety. We have counselors if you need to talk to someone and the professors will always have an ear open for you. There are blue lights all over campus - posts with an alarm button on them that you can press if you feel endangered that will alert police to your position and immediately send them to you - with, imagine that, blue lights on top of them so that they are easily identified. If you ask, I guarantee that you will find multiple someones willing to walk with you to wherever you need to go. This is a dry campus, so there is no alcohol allowed. If someone is drunk and bothering you, you are free to report them. If you feel endangered by smoking, all smokers are obligated to take their business outside and stand away from the dorms. No college campus is completely safe, but Mansfield University is working its hardest to make sure that it is as safe as can be.
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Gabrielle from the Philadelphia area

a current student here
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In three sentences
Mansfield University(MU) is a small town rural college. It may be a small town rural college but there are plenty of things to do on campus and off campus. Most important MU offers small classes, that allow students to have more interaction with their professors.
Tips for prospective students
-Balance your college life with education and fun time!!!!
-Never be afraid to ask for help!!
-Join Organizations!
-Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone!!
Dorm Life
I love the new dorms: Hickory and Oak!!!!
Food and Dining
The food is good from time to time at the dining hall called Upper Manser. For the most part students dine at the food court called Lower Manser. Off campus dining: The Hungry Monkey (five-stars), Papa-V's pizzeria (five-stars), Wellsboro diner(five-stars), Pudgies, Chinese food, Perkins, KFC, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Wendy's and etc. Bars off campus(MU is dry campus): Gregory's (five-stars), Changos, and etc.
What to do for fun
MOUNTIE FUN: Gym, Organizational activities, Sports events (GO MOUNTINEERS!!!),Hut Parties, Bowling, Movies, Skating ring(Troy,PA), and MOST IMPORTANT...HOMEWORK!!!!

According to Mansfield University website we have:
· major national music concerts (Past: Trey songz, Jay Sean, along with Shontelle and Jeremih, and etc.)

· regional music concerts

· lectures

· films

· comedy programs (Kevin Hart, Ron White and etc.)

· variety shows

· novelty programs

· multi-media presentations

· coffeehouses

· theater

· sports tournaments

· diversity programs

· DJ dance parties (Campus DJ's and DJ Diamond Kuts (2011) )

· travel programs (Bus trips)

· recreational programs

· educational programs

· leadership development training

· etc.

Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
Cardiac Hill....come see it for yourself!!
Great for these types of students
Anyone that is looking for a change of scenery and a great education at a affordable price!!!
Clubs and Activities
We have up to 126 clubs and organizations:
1.Advocacy Association
2.Alpha Kappa Lambda
3.Alpha Phi Sigma
4.Alpha Sigma Alpha
5.Alpha Sigma Tau
6.American Choral Directors Association (ACDA)
7.American String Teachers Association (ASTA)
9.Art & Design Guild
10.Art Acquisition & Exhibition Committee
11.Art History Assocation
12.Badminton Club
13.Billiards Club
14.Biology Club
15.Black Students Union (BSU)
17.Boxing Club
18.Campus Crusade for Christ
19.Carontawan - Mountie Yearbook
20.Catholic Student Association
21.CEO (Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization)
23.Chemistry Club
24.Chinese Language Club (CLC)
25.Circle K
26.Classical Guitar
27.Colleges Against Cancer
28.College Republicans of Mansfield University
29.Committee on Finance
30.Computer Science Club
31.Council for Exceptional Children
32.Creative Arts Therapy Sounding (CATS)
33.Criminal Justice Club
34.Delta Zeta
35.Double Reed Society
36.El Club de Español
37.Environmental Awareness Club
38.Eta Beta Tau (HBT)
39.Film Production Club
41.French Club
42.Frisbee Club
43.Geography/Outing Club
44.Geology Club
45.German Club
46.GLO (Gay-Straight Alliance/Gay & Lesbian Outreach)
47.History Club
48.Honors Association
49.Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC)
50.International Tuba-Euphonium Association
51.Kappa Kappa Psi
52.Kappa Phi
53.Kayak Club
54.Kenshinkan Kendo Club
55.Lambda Alpha Epsilon
56.Lambda Sigma
57.Leo Club
58.Mansfield Activities Council (MAC)
59.Mansfield International Student Organization (MISO)
60.Mansfield Jazz Organization (MJO) formerly IAJE
61.Math Club
62.Men for Progress
64.Mountie Guides
65.MU Bass Fishing Team
66.MU Dance Team
67.MU Fisheries & Aquaculture Club
68.MU Horn Club
69.MU Model United Nations Organization
70.MU Muggle Quidditch Association
71.MU Nurses Association (MUNA)
72.MU Paranormal Society (MUPS)
73.MU Ping Pong
74.MU Poetry Society
Greek Life
Alpha Sigma Alpha,
Alpha Sigma Tau,
Delta Zeta,
Sigma Alpha Epsilon,
Sigma Tau Gamma,
Zeta Tau Alpha,
Alpha Kappa Lambda,
and etc.
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Sara from Danville, PA

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
The classes are fairly small (with the economy class sizes have had to get a little bigger) and professors know you by name. Even if they only had you one semester, they will remember you when they see you around campus.
Am enjoying being here
I can't image being anywhere else. I have made the best friends I could have ever asked for here and more memories than I thought possible.
Tips for prospective students
Keep your mind open. Even though it seems like there's nothing to do in Mansfield, ask any student and they will be more than willing to tell of all the activities they are involved in and invite you to join them. My evenings and weekends are constantly filled with activities I'm involved in. It's not at all like it seems.
Great for these types of students
Students who love the small town atmosphere. It's not a big city with restaurants, movie theaters, and clubs everywhere. Mansfield is a quaint, close-knit family atmosphere where you can get coffee in the cafe on the corner, take a pleasant stroll around the town, or join in on the local farmers' market. Even if you don't know someone's name, you know them by their face because it's such a close university and town.
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