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Marlboro College
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accepted here and planning to attend soon
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Will learn a lot
There are a lot of intellectuals on campus, and everyone seems to be a self-created expert in something. Just a casual conversation with someone over lunch can be a stimulating experience.
Will enjoy being here
If you love broadening your mind, you will enjoy it here. If you are going to college to learn, you will enjoy it here. If you want a more democratic approach to your education, you will enjoy it here.
Bang for the buck
The classes are great, and so are the professors but it still is rather expensive.
Tips for prospective students
dress in layers.
read good books.
be who you are.
Great for these types of students
-Liberal arts/artistic types
-Those who like a challenge
-Those who want to broaden their horizons (so to speak)
-Those who may not've done so well in high school but want a challenge now
-Those who aren't afraid to get dirty/muddy/wet/cold
-Those who want to take their education into their own hands!
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Rebecca from Red Lion, PA

a past student here
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In three sentences
Marlboro College is a unique, interdisciplinary learning experience where you know your professors personally, sometimes even having dinner at their own homes. Marlboro is prized for its serious academic rigor and success. The student body of about 300 is interwoven with faculty and staff in most decisions at the college, making it an extremely democratic experience.
Tips for prospective students
Marlboro does not have class requirements, each student creates a course of study based on their interests and aspirations. A new student should think about whether that freedom is what they want in their education.
Academic Rigor
Marlboro College classes expect serious work ethic. Class sizes are small, so sleeping in and missing your 8am is not an option if you think your professor won't notice. Marlboro also believes that good writing is the cornerstone of education. Your writing will be tested over and over again for further success.
Dorm Life
The dorms at Marlboro house about 24 students each. They are reminiscent of ski lodges. They are furnished with sometimes unique furniture and vary in sizes. There is also off-campus independent cottages and houses for upperclassmen to choose.
Food and Dining
Marlboro's dining hall buys locally grown produce as much as possible. We have a large population of vegetarian and vegans on campus, so the cooking staff is very mindful of them and prepares multiple options for all. There is also a coffee shop on campus that has things like burgers, fries, pizza and sandwiches as well as coffee and other snacks.
What to do for fun
Marlboro is such an inclusive campus. There are events for all seasons that ingage all students. We have a fall carnival called apple days where the apple trees on campus are harvested, there is a pie baking contest, a pie eating contest, apple cider making and so on. In winter, there are numerous winter activities from the Wendall-Judd cup (Cross-country skiing) to a campus wide broomball tournament. Many students take advantage of hiking, skiing, kayaking and many other outdoor activities perfect for Vermont.
Bang for the buck
Marlboro's sticker price is expensive. However, there is a lot of financial aid assistance. But the school is certainly worth it. Students build serious relationships with their professors, take part in their student government, and genuinely care about their experience.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
Marlboro is not the most athletic campus, soccer being the only real sport with a team, however, the broomball tournament in winter is the most competitive and exciting event of the year. Teams are made up of students, staff and faculty. The fire pond is frozen over and hay bails surround the boundaries. The teams get on the ice with only sneakers, helmets and pads, then hit a slightly deflated kickball with brooms into the goals. The whole campus turns out cheering on the side lines. There is also a costume contest for the best uniforms. Previous winners include The Muppets Newsies and Where's Waldo
Great for these types of students
Marlboro is the best place for independent students who want to take a serious role in the pursuit of their education.
Clubs and Activities
All clubs are created and run by students, so there is plenty to do, but it varies year to year based on interest and who is able to run it. There is a strong presence on campus for Habitat for Humanity and the Outdoor Program, which takes students on trips like hiking, kayaking, white-water rafting etc.
Greek Life
There is none.
Campus Safety
Marlboro is up on a mountain. There is very little trouble to get into. There is a security guard in the evenings for added safety.
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