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Marygrove College
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LaTanya from Detroit, MI

a current student here
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In three sentences
marygrove college is an amazing institution it has a lot to offer right in the heart of detroit, mi. the staff is helpful and friendly. marygrove offers a lot of support to its students to make sure they have a successful educational experience.
Tips for prospective students
explore all the opportunities that marygrove offers to help you obtain your degree.
Academic Rigor
marygrove college will challenge its students to go beyond academic excellence, to be reflective, to be committed to the service of personal faith and the promotion of justice-:
Food and Dining
a delightful eating experience.
What to do for fun
because marygrove college is in the heart of detroit mi, there is never a dull moment. if you don't want to stay on campus detroit offers alot of culture entertainment.
Bang for the buck
marygrove college will provide an atmosphere of learning and individual spiritual development that reaches into the larger community.
Great for these types of students
this school is great if you like the small town feel. if you are looking for endless entertainment options and a class size of well over 100 then this is not the place for you. your professors will know you, and they will notice you, you are not just a face in the crowd.
Clubs and Activities
you determine what you want to do and just do it. marygrove will allow you to create your own organization.
Greek Life
greek life is all good!!!!!
Campus Safety
marygrove college is one of the most safest campus in the usa. look into for yourself.....
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