Miami University-Middletown
Middletown, OH, USA


Miami University-Middletown
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Amanda from Franklin, OH

a current student here
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In three sentences
Miami Middletown is very awarding and prestigious to the student who will take advantage of it in a positive way. Miami Middletown is a great place for many opportunities and extra curricular activities. If you're an organized, smart person, you will love Mum.
Tips for prospective students
-Think about how much you want to go in debt, Mum is low cost.
-Register for classes early
-Buy books early
Academic Rigor
The academic rigor is dependent on what classes you take, however if you are an ambitious student you will do fine.
Dorm Life
There are no dorms, most students are local and live at home.
Food and Dining
There is Hawk Haven which is great and multiple restaurants close.
What to do for fun
Many activities to get involved in!
Bang for the buck
Miami is a very prestigious school, at Mum you will get the best education there is at a regional price that you can't get anywhere else.
Campus Safety
There is security everywhere and also emergency texting if your class is cancelled or due to snow, very organized!
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