Middlesex Community College
Bedford, MA, USA


Middlesex Community College
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Cale from Mont Vernon, NH

a current student here
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In three sentences
The MOST AWESOME school experience. Just fantastic professors! Great student body and good learning environment.
Academic Rigor
Classes can be tough, but if you do the reading and homework you'll be fine. My Stats teacher said YOU HAVE TO EARN AND F...... meaning that you get an F if you don't show up, but otherwise he's there to help you.
Food and Dining
Dining hall is usually open with vending machines for the evening students, but no real food. you can walk to nearby places like dunkin donuts during breaks.
What to do for fun
I go to the Lowell Campus. There's lots of places to sit outside of restaurants, a Quilt museum. I've been to an an Art gallery close by. Things are within walking distance like a gym and the Lowell Memorial Auditorium where I just saw a concert for Blood, Sweat and Tears the other night.
Bang for the buck
You can make payments up to 5 months for classes without having your credit checked. I do hate the fact that they tack on a $100 late fee to struggling students, but there's no huge loan fees to pay back so I guess it's worth it.
Great for these types of students
Lots of diversity at this campus
Clubs and Activities
They post activities on bulletin boards and even the girls bathroom stalls for your convenience
Greek Life
None that I'm aware of
Campus Safety
Very safe campus
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