Missouri Valley College
Marshall, MO, USA


Missouri Valley College
2.89 Average Rating

Joshuah from Tipton, MO

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
Some of the instructors at this school are among the most patient and intelligent people I've ever studied under.
Am enjoying being here
The cafeteria program doesn't charge by the meal/item. It's a ticket plan that covers students for the whole year. Nearby YMCA, large library, very pleasant campus.
Bang for the buck
School takes effort to see to it that every student gets work study. This means for a lot of students that they make money while going to school, not lose.
Tips for prospective students
Don't make any enemies. This school can be harsh. Some of it's students and faculty will remind you of high school. When you're not a shining star institute not everyone is perfect. But the people here are genuine and very alive.
Great for these types of students
Blonds without any brains, people who want to be one of a kind, gays, pretty much everyone. Not much on hard sciences though.
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