Modesto Junior College
Modesto, CA, USA


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  • Coed

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4 Year
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Small city
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What Students Are Saying

2.91 Average Rating
i believe that there aren't really any tips for prospective students because i believe that the secret for a successful life is to focus in what you are doing, and if you are focused, you will find out that you are ready for many things in life.
Marcos from Riverbank, CA
For prospective students, I advise you to make an academic plan. Knowing which classes and having LOTS of schedule options is a big help. You will most likely not get your first choice of classes on your first registration, so be sure to have many classes lined up so you don't waste time or money. Also be sure to buy the catalogue for your year, the year you begin. Requirements for graduation or transfer may change, but if you get any trouble its good to know that they must hold you accountable only for requirements of the year you began.
Sondra from Modesto, CA
Classes are always extremely full, so my tip is that you think carefully about the classes you need to take before you register. Do not take up space in classes that you do not need, because you may be keeping someone who really needs that class from getting in.
Elizabeth from Tracy, CA
When considering this college, keep in mind that anyone can come here. If you do choose to attend, be sure to keep yourself motivated by attending a guidance class and stick to your plan. There are also many clubs to join to keep this fast paced lifestyle fun and enjoyable.
Whitney from Modesto, CA
When a prospective student applies to MJC, make an appointment with a counselor, to get the right information, the internet can be misleading. Make sure to ask what specific classes are needed, do not try to assume, you will waste money and time. Take advantage of the BOG Fee Waiver, it helps with kids who may not qualify for grants, but dont have money for college.
Kylee from Salida, CA
Talk to a transfer counselor, and make sure youre taking the right classes for your prospective transfer university.
Lisandra from Ceres, CA
Don't buy your textbooks from the bookstore unless you have to. They are very expensive, even the used textbooks. Try renting and checking online sites for better prices.
Haley from Modesto, CA
Make sure you meet with a counselor when you're starting out and don't wait if you plan on transferring. They'll let you know what you need to do and what classes you need to take.
Vanessa from California
Check out the programs and what classes you need to take
A. Janae from Ceres, CA

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