Mount Ida College
Newton, MA, USA


Mount Ida College
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Matthew from RUTLAND, MA

a current student here
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In three sentences
mount ida is a great school. i have made lots of friends and have learned many new things. i know have great leadership abilities that i did not have before.
Tips for prospective students
mount ida has lots of different types of career opportunities. learning programs, sports and leadership challenges as well.
Academic Rigor
i believe that i am extremely challenged by the academic programs that mount ida has to offer. i have amazed myself and others with all of the different activities, group, programs and work that i have in my schedule and handle on a day to day basis
Dorm Life
this year i am a resident adviser and have found it quite a challenge learning to deal with people and their different personalities and issues.
Food and Dining
the food and dining program at mount ida is outstanding. my friends and family who visit rave about the food quality and variety.
What to do for fun
for fun here at mount ida there are many things to do. many group activities to participate in and also many leadership opportunites available.
Bang for the buck
for me mount ida is a great deal for the money. i do try the best i can with my grades hoping that i can get more grants and scholarships to help out my mother with the financial part of my schooling.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
mount ida is a small school and has many buildings that hold memories that are dear to many because they are part of the original college.
Great for these types of students
mount ida is a great school for the quieter, followers and those with some learning issues. they have a great learning opportunity program that helps student with many of their learning needs.
Clubs and Activities
i am part of student government, orientation leader, resident advisor program. there are many other activities and clubs that you can belong to.
Greek Life
there is no greek life on campus here.
Campus Safety
mount ida is located in a very safe area in newton. we have campus security that are always around and available for any students in need or with needs.
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MATTHEW from Newton, MA

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
I love it here at Mount Ida and being in the graphic design major is awesome!!
Am enjoying being here
I'm really glad I came to Mount Ida, it's a small school but I have a lot of friends and I'm really involved.
Bang for the buck
This is a private college and it's pretty expensive.
Tips for prospective students
It's a really great school and they have a wide variety of majors.
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