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What Students Are Saying

3.15 Average Rating
Use whatever resources are available to you, sign up for clubs and programs, be involved on campus, attend events set up for students, use your teachers' offve hours, use the free tutoring and printing services. These valuable resources are all available to you, so make good use of them while you have them!
Rania from Walnut, CA
Don't give up, if the material seems hard get with your professor, they are very helpful. Set up a study group with your classmates, its a great way to learn.
Casey from Pomona, CA
Join sports teams.
Andrew from Diamond Bar, CA
Don't like the big university feel, but love the big university education then this is the place for you. Professor from all around the globe that just want you to succeed in life as well as academically. But also don't be afraid to branch out, try new things and you might discover something you never knew you liked.
Carl from Chino Hills, CA
Take your time deciding your major. Don't take on too much in your first semester. Leave plenty of time for studying.
Vince from La Puente, CA
Ask alot of questions dont hesitate.
Karina from Ontario, CA
Talk to counselors every semester to keep on track with your academic plans. Students tend to take classes that do not go towards their GE's or AA in what ever subject.

Find out what you like! Find out who you are!
Mt. Sac offers many self-evaluation services and helps you find out what you are good at!

Furthermore, they are always hiring on campus and show postings of the local cities and companies who are hiring for all types of positions.

Get there on time! Parking is crazy!

Do not forget to drop your class if you do not plan on taking it anymore. W's are ugly and will hurt your academic record.
Jillian from Chino Hills, CA
Get to class several hours early the first week. You don't need a parking pass the first 2 weeks during a regular semester and during the first week during an intersession. Also, try to get into a program that gives you priority registration. Such as DSPS, EOPS, connect4, join a sport, or music program. It's nearly impossible to get classes without priority registration. If you can't apply to these programs it's necessary to stalk to registration page until you can get on a wait list. If you can't even get on a wait list, just show up to the class. A lot of professors are nice and will add you to the class anyways. Make sure you apply for financial aid ASAP.
Jess from, CA
Mt. Sac will teach you how to become an individual because no one is going to cater to you and make sure you are taking the right classes. You have to find out on your own and ask a counselor to see if you are making the right choice for your major.

Remember to never give up. There will be times when you would not get your way and would not be able to add the classes you wanted to. Most of the classes would go to the junior and senior students. Despite that occurrence, you will always have a chance to add your classes as long as you show determination and try to be present at the class you want to take. Sometimes, you may have to try more than one class. There would be other students how give up, and because you did not, you will have a higher chance to be in the class.

In addition, do not take more units than you can handle because you would only suffer.

Finally, take advantage of the tutors given in Mt. Sac. ITS FREE.
Izari from Monterey Park, CA
if you are struggling in english, math or other core classes, there is tutoring that will aid you in your purist for a good grade. furthermore, tutoring is free to every single student that attends mount san antonio college. it does not matter if the student is attending full time or part time.

also, read and reference back to your syllabus through out the semester to avoid the headache of falling behind in class. a busy schedule can make a student forget that they need to turn in their bi-weekly news article or submit their paper to the professor. more importantly, note down any changes that your professor makes to the syllabus. this will avoid any confusion between the professor and your self.
carlos from fontana, ca

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