National University
La Jolla, CA, USA


National University
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Andrew from La Quinta, CA

a current student here
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In three sentences
National University has a wide range of courses. Their instructors are quite diverse in knowledge and experience. Ever since I transferred here I stopped screwing around and got my academic path together, you kind of have no choice but to succeed with National University. I think I'll go there for Grad school too!
Tips for prospective students
If you have been to physical classes before and know the time and dedication classes require you will do fine. Just keep up and keep ahead and you'll do great.
Academic Rigor
Some instructors there are tough but that happens with all schools.
Bang for the buck
It's kind of expensive, but I'm used to CSUSB which is the lowest in the country.
Great for these types of students
working professionals
Campus Safety
State of the Art campuses.
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