Navajo Technical University
Crownpoint, NM, USA


Navajo Technical University
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Rodney from Crownpoint, NM

a current student here
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In three sentences
By far the best first college am attending and my instructors are awesome. Never thought this college was like this but am looking forward to finishing my major here. I wouldn't prefer any other college to attend other then here.
Academic Rigor
my major is challenging, I didn't realize it would be this hard but still I look forward on completing and passing with a good grade.
Dorm Life
This is my first time in a residential dorm, so far life here is great. I brought everything I need to have and use. I like how they have everything a student needs to live here. Laundry room, lobby, cleaning supplies, restrooms in each dorm room.
Food and Dining
I love the food they sever here, never a disappointment. The dining area are well place, neat and very comfortable warming feeling.
What to do for fun
There a lot to do here, this college is near a couple of place where you can buy things of your own. Play games online in your dorm rooms. Chat and hang out with friends in both boys/girls dorm room. Go jogging, watch movies in the lobby of the dorms.
Great for these types of students
This college has a lot of majors for new coming students who would like to attend here, like myself. Am majoring in Automotive Technology.
Campus Safety
The safety of students here are excellent and strict. I like how safely I can walk to class and enjoy my day with friends on campus.
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John from Crownpoint, NM

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
Have learned plenty of hands on training and haved learned a lot more aside from books, you have to find your right teachers and staff to assist your guidance of your trade, skill, and/or degree.
Am enjoying being here
I like being on campus, because I am always learning something new about myself and the community I live in, as well as the Navajo Dealing with the school.
Bang for the buck
You pay for what you get, the work and the extra learning you do is up to you..... But it's nice to have the support of your instructors.
Tips for prospective students
Just be perpared for the Rez sytle treatment from administration staff and registration staff, it's just like any other BIA or Navajo Nation office, long waits, no patients, and tight circles
Great for these types of students
trades mens, high school student that have trouble with academics, Easy classes for all student, low budget families.
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