New Hope Christian College-Eugene
Eugene, OR, USA


New Hope Christian College-Eugene
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Reina from Springfield, OR

a current student here
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In three sentences
New Hope is a great place to move toward true maturity in all aspects of your life. The faculty and student body show exceptional living in their studies, attitude, and passion to make an impact in this world. There's a friendly and open atmosphere that makes it easy to feel challenged, uplifted, and loved.
Tips for prospective students
Be prepared to be challenged toward bettering yourself. Stay humble in this process. Build deep, vulnerable friendships, get involved on campus, and have fun!
Academic Rigor
There is much to be learned about the history of the Bible and the church, the current mission of the church and our part in that, and the things to look forward to and prepare for in our near and far future.
Dorm Life
I don't live on campus, but from what I hear living in the dorms is a fun experience. Definitely a place to build friendships and lasting memories.
Food and Dining
Home-cooked meal for every meal, every day! No cafeteria food.
What to do for fun
There are many events to participate in on campus including, sports, worship nights, tie-dye nights, and more! We also have a variety of restaurants nearby, off campus if you want to get off campus for a couple hours. We also have a comfy cafe, basketball gym, weight-lifting gym, and outdoor sand volleyball court. We also have a beautiful area with a gazebo and waterfall right on the side of campus that's good for those times you just want to sit in the beautiful nature.
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