North Shore Community College
Danvers, MA, USA


North Shore Community College
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Kathleen from Danvers, MA

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
I love my teachers!! They are so inspirational! They get you to understand what they teach, not just guide right through the materials. I have always found that once a class is over, I leave wanting to change myself and change the world for the better. So inspiring and intelligent people. They have really encouraged me to pursue my dreams, and have even created new branches for me to follow as well.
Am enjoying being here
I Love North Shore!! What an amazing place to continue your education. Amazing teachers, facility and staff - and of course as well as the students. Everyone is here to learn and help others learn along the way. I am exceptionally proud of the new Sustainable building that just opened and the constant drive to push for more recycling. NSCC is very involved not just in the school, but in helping the communities around each campus too. You find you can really get involved :)
Bang for the buck
AMAZING education for the price you pay (compared to all the other colleges). Though, books are cheaper on Amazon than in the bookstore, of course!

I absolutely recommend NSCC. Even if you just come for a year, then transfer! It's great because you're getting a very valued education for half the price you'd be paying at any other colleges.
Tips for prospective students
If I had any advice to give it would be: Remember to Breathe. Take care of yourself. Be respectful to yourself, others and the Earth. The teachers and staff at NSCC are always around to help you out, so never be afraid to ask for advice or questions. I have never felt so much at home on a campus before. And if you ever feel like there's nothing to do, think again! NSCC has a bunch of clubs and new projects always taking place. We love to see new faces getting involved. It's a lot of fun, you become a part of a family, and we get to leave knowing we've inspired someone else's life.
Great for these types of students
Any and all students who want a great education. I would say a student who is serious about learning yet likes to have fun. NSCC is serious about education but everyone there is happy and likes to find new, fun ways to learn. Anybody who likes to be apart of a community, or likes to get involve. Even if you've never been involved before! NSCC makes you feel comfortable to feel like you can be apart of something. It's all about being stress-free as well as keeping a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment to learn in. I would highly recommend NSCC for anyone and everyone looking for a place to learn.
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