Notre Dame College
Cleveland, OH, USA


Notre Dame College
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Jaimie from Galloway, OH

accepted here and planning to attend soon
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Will learn a lot
Notre Dame offers a very personal educational experience with lots of free support.
Will enjoy being here
Notre Dame is a true family. It is easy to meet people and everyone is open and friendly. People here hold doors open for you and every one smiles and says Hi.
Bang for the buck
It is a pricey school, but for the education and support that is offered, it is a great value. Also, there are lots of clubs and sports is a way of life for the school.
Tips for prospective students
Sports is all important to the school, as is theater, band and choir. Listen to all the staff, students, and professors, they have a solid, concise message about a personal education experience with high values and personal accountability. There is much to love here - trust me - I visited most colleges in Ohio and several out of state, I then applied to 18!
Great for these types of students
Sports nuts! Also those that want an extended family and want a life with personal values.
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Ryan from Brunswick, OH

a current student here
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In three sentences
Notre Dane College is a prestigious, catholic institution that has evolved around the changing youth. After allowing male students to attend in the early 2000's. It has grown into a college that deserves recognition for its academic as well as athletic successes.
Tips for prospective students
Be active
Meet people
Take advantage of opportunities
Be yourself
Study hard
Stay on top of your work
Academic Rigor
Classes are up beat and easy to attend
Dorm Life
My hall is all rugby guys I play with and love it all.
Food and Dining
Full buffet from Normandy Catering is always something to look forward to!
What to do for fun
The mall
Legacy village
Various school organized events
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
Paint the rock: incoming freshman paint this huge boulder.
Great for these types of students
Open minded
Clubs and Activities
Plenty to get involved with rugby club offers scholarships
Campus Safety
Security is 24/7 police on campus.
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