Nunez Community College
Chalmette, LA, USA


Nunez Community College
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Chloe from New Orleans, LA

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
OTHERS MAY SEE THIS SCHOOL DIFFERENTLY. Most of the teachers are really wonderful. They offer tutoring and they welcome you to come for any needed assistance. One of my teachers texts her students (love it!) Though, I have had maybe two teachers take their precious time replying back. (which I personally dislike). The classes are challenging and small enough to hear, see, and learn. The students seem really focused on what they are there to do. The teachers LOVE to teach!
Am enjoying being here
To say this is a community college, there are things you can get involved in. It is usually posted around campus. There are lectures and small festivals to enjoy. I mostly enjoy that there are always a decent amount of parking spots available (lol), unlike another campus I know.
Bang for the buck
Nunez is one of the most afforable colleges in the area. It isn't the same atmosphere or excitement as a large University but you will learn and not spend a fortune doing so. They do not offer as many classes as I'd hope. They do buy back books as well.
Tips for prospective students
Pay attention to the annoucement boards around the school/ Visit the library regularly/ Take advantage of the cool teachers; they may write a nice letter for you one day/Watch out for construction around campus; they are fixing streets.
Great for these types of students
All majors esp Nursing and Culinary/ If you want a small class with great teachers.
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