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Ohio Dominican University
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Am learning a lot
I am a learning a lot at ODU through the small classes and intimate learning experiences. As a Business major in my sophomore year, I have begun to learn about real skills that I will need in my career. Also, as ODU is a Liberal Arts College, I have also had the opportunity to take classes outside of my field such as Art, Philosophy, and Theology. Each one of these classes has let me become more creative in my writing and artistic abilities. It is nice to still be able to experience classes like these even though the core of my academia is more along the lines of Business, Accounting, and Economic classes. This semester went exceptionally well for me as I received a high enough GPA to become a member of the Dean's List!
Am enjoying being here
I absolutely love being at Ohio Dominican. What makes ODU stand out from other Universities is the small campus size. At ODU you get the best of both worlds, being in the big city of Columbus, but living on a small, private campus. The athletics at ODU have reached a new goal this year as we have been accepted into the NCAA Division II GLIAC Conference. As a member of the Women's Soccer Team this brings us many new opportunities to play at a higher level of competition and do much more traveling as a team. The athletic facilities at ODU are all very new, the football and soccer teams play on a turf field at Panther Stadium. The basketball gym was recently redone for the men's and women's basketball teams, and the baseball field is scheduled to receive maintenance soon. Along with new athletic facilities, we also built a brand new student center, The Griff, this past summer which really brings a lot more to the campus. The student center includes the bookstore, two food places, and various studios, computer rooms, and lounge areas. The latest project at ODU is Battelle Hall, a new science building that will be open and running in the Fall of 2010.
Bang for the buck
Since ODU is a private university, it may cost more than public or state schools. However, ODU offers various scholarship programs and financial need help. ODU's academic advisors will do all that they can to make ODU an affordable choice for you and your family. ODU also offers plenty of on campus jobs that students may obtain during the year. Types of jobs include working in any of the food industries, athletic events, the bookstore, and intramural events.
Tips for prospective students
As an incoming freshman, I was very excited to attend ODU. It is important to get to know your roommates before you move in to make sure that you will all prepare and bring with you all the essentials for your new dorm room. As a freshman, I did a few walks around campus before my first day of classes, just to be sure I knew where all my classes were! It is important to make sure you have a time where you can go to Hamilton Hall to eat lunch in between classes, and more importantly get in before class and have breakfast. If you will be a member of an athletic team, it is important to let your Professors know on the first day what, if any, classes may conflict with games or practices (normally very few). Most importantly, you must remain excited! Stay confident, everyone is nervous as an incoming freshmen, but you are all in the same boat. Meet new people, be outgoing, and remember... these next four years will be the best of your life!
Great for these types of students
ODU is great for students who are looking for a small college. Those who are religious also fit in great here as we are a Catholic University, however that is not to say that students who aren't Catholic do not fit in either. ODU also has a great Art program and an annual art market just before Christmas. When it comes to athletics, ODU is great for those athletes who would like to play at a competitive skilled level, without the big Division I demands. I believe that almost every type of personality can fit in here at ODU, since I have met so many people with various backgrounds, interests, and personalities!
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