Ohio State University-Marion Campus
Marion, OH, USA


Ohio State University-Marion Campus
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Devon from Findlay, OH

a current student here
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In three sentences
the campus is very clean and fairly small. you get to know people on a first name basis as many of the students are in several of your classes. the teachers learn names as there is usually only about 20 students per class.
Tips for prospective students
meet as many people as you can, especially if you plan to transfer to main campus in columbus. the more you meet, the more fun you will have at the branch.
Academic Rigor
free english tutors and math tutors are available everyday. teachers are willing to meet before or after class anytime a student needs help.
Dorm Life
marion currently does not have student dorms.
Food and Dining
there are many places to eat that are on the same street as the univeristy. subway donatos chipolte taco bell and several others that are quick and easy to grab.
What to do for fun
marion is not exactly the most exciting place to be....but it is only 45 minutes from columbus!!
Bang for the buck
marion campus tuition is on average $12000 cheaper for a freshman student! its a great option if you want to save major money.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
5 minutes before every class, carmen ohio plays on the bell tower! many events for students take place throughout the year such as free pizza and game week events.
Great for these types of students
students that are looking to get a degree without spending a lot of money or students that are looking for college classes that are not extremely hard, this is the place to go!
Clubs and Activities
marion offers many clubs, outdoors, sports etc.
Campus Safety
there is a police officer on campus during all class hours!
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