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Average ACT Composite: 25
Average SAT Composite: 1155
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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 800-922-8953
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
For Veteran Services: visit page

What Students Are Saying

3.80 Average Rating
Call Admissions and ask to talk to current students. We're pretty honest about what's good and bad on campus, and we love to talk about OWU.
Visit Slocum Hall when you're on campus, the stain glass is gorgeous.
Delaware, OH is a small town, but don't let that discourage you because it promises plenty of opportunities for community involvement.
Apply Early Action, that's when all the scholarships are given out.
Visit campus! You can't feel the energy and community if you don't.
Jen from Spring, TX
Don't live in Stuyvesant. It's not an option right now, with renovations, but just don't. There are parties constantly, slamming doors, mysterious clouds of smoke in the stairwell that make you lightheaded. If you are there for studies at all, just don't do it. My personal recommendation is Smith East or West. The dining hall is in the basement, the suites are well laid out, and there's air conditioning - a big plus for August and April. Also, I don't know about frats, but the sororities seem like a waste to me. There are dances and mixers, but other than that, it's just cupcake icing and other stuff for recruits. I'm friends with quite a few sorority girls without even being in a sorority, so I don't really recommend it. If you want, I don't think it'd be bad, I just don't see the point in spending the money for it.
Veronica from Central Ohio
The school is expensive at face value, but the *average* aid is over half of the total tuition. Put a basic amount of work into it, and the cost drops to super-affordable levels with surprising rapidity. At the end of all my scholarships, it was cheaper for me to come here than to go to OSU.
In regards to academics, know you get out what you put in at a very high rate. Work hard and you'll be rewarded in a thousand ways.
Jay from Dayton, OH
Check out the school before you decide on coming. It is in a very small town, and there is not much to do in the town that isn't part of college life. Even though this is a D3 school, we take sports pretty seriously, and you really bond with your teammates so going out for a sport is really good. Check out each of the dorming situations before you decide where you want to live as well, bacause each building has a different set-up.
Dana from Culpeper, Va
visit campus! definitely the best way to really get a feel for the OWU community
get involved! there is SO much to do at OWU, and the happiest students are those who are involved with multiple extracurricular activities, not just classes.
check out Greek life! Greek life has the potential to do so much for those involved, including the development of leadership skills, the personal growth of the individual, and preparation for the future, not to mention making some wonderful life-long friends and sisters/brothers.
Haley from Ohio
Prospective students should understand that no school is as wonderful as tour guides and admission advertisements make it out to be. It's hard to believe that any school is as amazing as the school you see when everyone is trying to get you to choose their school. Let yourself fall in love with OWU like I did, but also anticipate that not everything is as it seems. No, the food is not as good as what they serve you and your parents. No, not everyone walks around all dressed up for class. However, what I can tell you is that one thing that doesn't change is the environment. OWU really is a small community and the cheerful atmosphere is real, I promise.
Emily from Amherst, OH
Everyone is here to support you, especially the professors, so always ask questions and feel free to stop by their offices even just to say hello!
Alescia at Ohio Wesleyan University
Keep up on your deadlines and apply early to get the best scholarships.
Do go to one of the visit days, they give you free stuff.
If you are spending the night, be nice to your host, they are sharing their personal space with you.
Jane from Akron,Ohio
Here are my tips for prospective students:
1. Explore the breadth and depth of OWU's academic offerings.
2. Determine if a rural environment is for you.
3. Consider OWU if you want to get to know your teachers well (and not just teaching assistants).
4. Plan to spend a semester abroad, because our generation will be tasked with solving problems way bigger than what we see in the US!
5. Think about playing a sport, if for no other reason than to stay fit.
Rachel from West Bloomfield, MI

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