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Fall Regular Decision August 15
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Average ACT Composite: 27
Average SAT Composite: 1206
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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 800-274-6758
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What Students Are Saying

3.89 Average Rating
be prepared for the rigors classes, group work, and new students you will meet. the campus is very lively and makes everyone feel accepted. the professors and staff members are their to assist the students and they do their best to help.
nayonni from nevada
Study, study, study!! Do it as much as you can! If you don't, you will have a hard time keeping up, especially during your first year. PLU is NOT a party school, though there are some energetic crowds on lower campus. The in crowd happens to be those who get good grades, and, for the price you pay to attend, you don't want to be flunking out.
Tiffany from Buckley, WA
Don't look at the starting price tag for colleges: look at the financial aid you get and *then* compare schools. Also, know what you want from a school. If you want a great economics program or sports might want to look elsewhere. But if you want to actually participate in sports, or lead a student group focused on economics, you might be in the right place.
Jessica from Conover, NC
-Do work on time.
-Search for scholarships early.
-Get to know your professors.
Alexia from Lake Forest Park, WA
PLU weights your grades when you apply, and many of the scholarship opportunities are based on that weighted GPA. Not too many universities do this but if you are a sophomore or a junior and you're pretty positive that Pacific Lutheran is the place for you, I'd especially recommend spending your remaining years earning that AP credit. A B in an AP class is equivalent to an A in a regular class, and each AP A gives you an extra boost to your GPA. With that extra cushion, you don't have to be afraid to test your mind a little.
Emily from Great Falls, MT
Be prepared to work hard for every class. Attend every lecture, take good notes, and read and study as much as you need to in order to learn the material. If you have questions, don't hesitate to go to office hours. If you don't want to use office hours or don't really care, go to a big school instead. A small school like PLU is meant for you to be able to get to know your professors as well as ask them questions, which they encourage. Overall, you want to make sure that you do well in school as well as take advantage of office hours. Otherwise, you are just wasting your money.
Kid from WA
Apply for as many scholarships as you can; it never hurt anyone to try. In addition to this, please come visit the campus and stay for a while with one of the current students. You will be welcome to sit in on any class and get a better idea of what life will be like on campus. Another tip is to get involved! There are so many things to be a part of on campus and it will really make your college experience. Lastly, invest in a sun lamp; it rains quite a bit here, so you may have to seek out alternative means of getting Vitamin D.
Kate from Tacoma, WA
Apply for scholarships like crazy because it is expensive. Talk to students who go there and do an overnight visit if you can. Don't forget your map!
Lindsy from Tacoma, WA
If you want to attend PLU, it is important that you are an involved student in High School. A big thing here on campus is vocation, so if you know your vocation already, mention it in your essay, application, or interview!
Stephanie from Tacoma, WA
make sure the school has your major. designing a major isn't a great option here, but there are many academic programs to choose from. also consider your financial aid package before making a final decision

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