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Palau Community College
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Amber Holly from Palau

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In three sentences
palau community college is such a wonderful opportunity for those who are not ready to study abroad. this institution, although very simple and in need of several resources is a one-of-a-kind school that offers students a lot more than one could imagine. overall, pcc is a great start for upcoming college students, as well as to prepare them (and myself) for the outside world.
Tips for prospective students
make a firm decision on what field of study you want to major in.
don't let the idea of refunds, parties, etc. turn you away from your studies.
study hard for your family, for your country, and for your future!
Academic Rigor
in my opinion, palau community college is well-equipped with books that one could buy or rent, teachers with professionalism and experience, necessary equipment for certain academics (agriculture, criminal justice, etc.) as well as great campus stores that fairly accommodates (us) students.
Dorm Life
from my point of view, the dorms here in pcc needs improvement. first of all, the rooms are so small.... my friend applied for a single, and i swear it's very tiny as only about three people will fit! however, the dormitory has a laundromat, a lounge and a volleyball court.....but still, the thought of having to live in that small room for two years or just brings me down!
Food and Dining
the cafeteria is measurable. most of my friends applied to eat in the cafeteria.... i was surpised! the price range is fair, the food taste great and it's cheaper than having to buy lunch everyday!
What to do for fun
what to do for fun? hmm..... well, we either play cards (gamble), update our facebook page at the library, or just hang out at our usual turfs. or we prepare ourselves for upcoming events---- dancing, singing, and performing traditional practices!
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
there are no such activities that i would consider unusual.... but we, the students, we have our own hangout locations where a certain group of students chill at. some of these spots are called construction, high voltage, orchestra, study hall, hut, loop, station 2 or financial-aid, snack stop, book store, and many more!
Clubs and Activities
there are a lot of clubs and activities within the school campus. there's the music club, the it (information tech.) club, as well as student organizations from each nation in pcc; for instance, we the palauan students are from the rpso (republic of palau student org.) there are annual activities that occur such as the international night, music club concerts and many more.
Campus Safety
the campus provide security and maintenance 24/7.... however, this past semester (fall 2011), we filled out surveys regarding the security's performance---- that's because there were complaints made towards them that when students are on their way to class or elsewhere, they hear whistling or other noises made at them, therefore frightening them..... nevertheless, no one has been in opposition towards the campus safety!
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