Paradise Valley Community College
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Paradise Valley Community College
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Stephanie from Phoenix, AZ

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
I know many preconceptions about community colleges revolve around them not providing the same quality of education as the big universities do, but I'm happy to report that those judgements are sadly incorrect. From learning how to successfully construct a ten page or more research essay to learning how to create a lesson plan for future students in my introduction to education course, I can confidently state that I've learned many new skills, structures, and techniques to further my education, and undoubtedly myself. Because I had the opportunity to work in groups and compose projects together with other students, I also polished my interpersonal skills and learned how to work together with many different people since there are always students of all ages in your classes. Also, if you're looking for rigorous courses, PVCC has an honors program with specialty classes to give you the focused academic experience you want.
Am enjoying being here
Though the campus may not be as pretty as some universities and it lacks the tightly knit campus life you can only find at a university, PVCC still contains friendly people and the services you need for your education. PVCC has a quality Learning Support Center that is open Monday through Saturday, which has tutors that are always available to help you with any homework and writing issues you may have. In addition, PVCC has a Computer Commons section located right next to the Learning Support Center that houses a wide variety of computers, printers, and rooms for all of its students. Overall, the ambiance around the campus is a positive, warm one and if a student ever needs any kind of help, there are 600 work stations to go to and there is always someone to help you. Counselors, academic advisers, financial aide advisers, and librarians can be reached at any time classes are in session.
Bang for the buck
With only seventy-one dollars per credit hour, it can't be more affordable to receive an excellent education. Moreover, PVCC offers the opportunity to receive certain bachelors degrees from Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University right at their campus, via online and in classrooms so students don't have to relocate to attend either university. Also, there is a convenient on campus daycare, wonderful honors program, and a multitude of affordable extracurricular activities that one would all find at a regular university, except at a much more economical price.
Tips for prospective students
Utilize the Learning Support Center. Tutors are always there to help you with whatever question you may have on your homework, no matter how stupid you may think it is. Along with receiving help on homework, students can also have their writing looked at and edited in the Learning Support Center, so make sure to take advantage of this service. Having your work edited can especially help if you're writing an essay for a scholarship.
Great for these types of students
PVCC is great for students who are looking for a cost-effective education with all the same amenities that a university offers, students who would like to participate in distance learning or independent study, and students who would like to someday transfer to a university. In addition, PVCC is a wonderful choice for students who would like to join a valuable honors program or extracurricular activity.
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Mariel from Phoenix, AZ

a current student here
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In three sentences
paradise valley is a school with many different types of ethnic groups and they find a way to adapt to all the needs. their safety department is very useful and quick. thus, the flexibility in its class hours makes it easy for anyone to adapt and attend school.
Tips for prospective students
engage in activities and get studies groups. doing this will make your college experience run smoother and fun.
Academic Rigor
the teachers are very well prepared and show experience by the many techniques they use to engage the students and help them to learn and understand the material.
Dorm Life
we have no dorms, but i spend so much time their it's like a second home.
Food and Dining
the food verity is great. a very wide verity of salads, sandwiches, pizza, hamburgers, mini buffet, so many drinks to choose from and great deserts. the prices are very reasonable .
What to do for fun
i like going to the soccer games with some friends after having a long study session in the library.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
at pvcc their is a tradition with barbecues. every time their is a set up of clubs trying to recruit or a big announcement their will be food involved.
Great for these types of students
great for young students and adults.attending a community college allows more freedom and flexibility . many students at a community colleges have kids and jobs like many at universities might, yet the flexible hours and smaller classes allow better interaction among professor's and students.
Clubs and Activities
their are dance clubs, drama, hiking, christian, study, art anything you can really think of its here..
Greek Life
haven't experienced.
Campus Safety
campus safety is like a life guard anything you need they will be their from jump starting your car to a lost memory chip.
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