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Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Scranton
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In three sentences
Worthington is a calm and scenic campus with small class sizes and helpful teachers. On campus dining is limited, but the free food at the numerous school and club hosted events helps make up for it. This is a practical choice for anyone committed to earning a degree without a mountain of student loan debt.
Tips for prospective students
For someone considering Penn State Worthington-Scranton, it's definitely important to visit campus. The school is great in so many ways, but you need to see if you like the small campus environment. There are only five buildings and about 1,300 students. It's easy to feel at home with the small class sizes and friendly teachers. However, if you prefer a busy party school, you might want to try the University Park campus instead.
Academic Rigor
In most ways, the class difficulty is what you would expect from a college. General education classes are relatively easy while more detailed subjects like calculus and organic chemistry are more difficult. None of the classes have those crazy teachers who make it almost impossible to pass. In fact, the vast majority of them are extremely caring, understanding, and helpful. They encourage and reward students for coming to them for help. The free tutoring center is supportive as well. The tutors are usually students who have already completed the class and they go out of their way to help you succeed.
Dorm Life
There is a privately owned dorm building located practically on the campus. I've never been inside, but it looks new, secure, and expensive. As far as I know, only a few students dorm there. I've never heard them complain about it.
Food and Dining
The food is great for anyone who still enjoys ordering off the kids' menu. Don't lie, that's probably you too. Most students eat chicken fingers, curly fries, and pizza five days a week. They also offer a salad bar, some cold sandwich options and an ignored hot food option that changes daily. I've heard that the school is going to work on the lunch options soon. The eating areas are very nice. There's the View Cafe, which has a wall of windows overlooking the mountain range, as well as various outdoor locations. On warmer days, the courtyard directly outside the cafeteria is comfortably populated. If you're looking to study while you eat, there's quite a couple picnic tables in peaceful locations around campus.
What to do for fun
There's lots of creative free events, usually with lunch provided. One time I stuffed a toy moose, another time I iced a personal sized cake. Be sure to take advantage of the free massages provided the week before finals. Don't be afraid to show up to an event just for the food, no one will mind. They also offer free trips to places like New York, Harrisburg, and baseball games. Dunmore is a very quiet town, so there's not too much to do for fun. But take a drive to neighboring Scranton and you're sure to find something to entertain you.
Bang for the buck
Easily one of the best points in choosing this school. It's a great price for a Penn State degree. The 2+2 plan is a lifesaver as well if you want to commute but Worthington doesn't offer the major of your choosing. You take two years of basic general education classes at one campus, then transfer to a larger Penn State Campus that offers the rest of the classes you need for the major. Commuting to Worthington for the first two years saves valuable funds that would otherwise have been spent on food and board.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
Sometimes there's a bit of a parking problem whenever Worthington or the church next door hosts an event. I find it amusing that when this happens, students use the old tennis court to compensate the lack of spots. There's no lines painted, but they always park very neatly.
Great for these types of students
Based on the current population, I would say it is especially fitted for the financially conscious, commuters, transfer, part time, and return students.
Clubs and Activities
The number of available clubs is limited by lack of student interest. However, the clubs we do have are surprisingly very popular. The largest ones are the video game club, paranormal club, community service club (includes THON), and the Blue and White Society. There are a couple different student government clubs, and a couple small clubs like the science club and the paintball club. I'm not the person to ask about our sports teams, but I can say that the band and chorus are growing to be quite large.
Greek Life
Campus Safety
Very safe due to the calm location. There's a couple emergency buttons around campus you can press for immediate help from campus security.
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accepted here and planning to attend soon
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Academic Rigor
I have sat in a few classes at Penn State Worthington Scranton. From what I saw, I do know that I will learn plenty of new information. I also have a very strong feeling that I will also learn about life in general on campus.
Will enjoy being here
I've been on campus plenty of times and I have enjoyed being there every single time. If you let it be fun, you will enjoy your time there.
Great for these types of students
There are tons of clubs and activities going on during the day on campus. If there isn't a club that you want to join, then start up a new club!
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