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Denise from Omaha, NE

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In three sentences
Peru State is one of the few colleges that is easily defined as â??up front and personalâ?? in the state of Nebraska. It is not only the oldest college in Nebraska, but specializes in Education, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Business, Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences. Students return to Peru State each year because lots of student relationships are made here and the town, being a college town, is very supportive of the collegeâ??s efforts each year.
Tips for prospective students
If you are into an independent lifestyle, Peru State is the college for you.
If you can make your own fun by establishing friendships and professional relationships with your professors, consider Peru State.

Our football stadium, the Oak Bowl, was just recently renovated for $9 million, and is now ranked one of the top football stadiums used in the nation. The rededication ceremony to the Oak Bowl was held September 6th, 2014, right before the first football game of the 2014-2015 season.

Class sizes range from 20:1

You are responsible for choosing your own classes but you do have an advisor to help you choose which college courses fit your four-year college career path.

Peru State is the college that encourages students to get involved and get out of their comfort zones, because that is how you can grow and learn, especially outside of the classroom.

There is always someone there to help students like myself succeedâ??professors, classmates, club sponsors, department coordinators, and even two licensed student counselors on campus.

President Dan Hanson and First Lady Elaine Hanson are very involved with activities and events occurring on campus. They also like to get to know students throughout their college experience.

The town of Peru is very supportive of the school and its student body.
Academic Rigor
From day one as a student, you are responsible for the amount of credit hours you obtain as a student.

To be considered a full-time student, the minimum credit load is twelve, but the maximum credit load without special permission from the Dean of your specified majorâ??s school is eighteen.

Every class is different as far as a level of difficulty; it really just depends on the class and professor.

Use your professor as a tool for successâ??that is why they always list their office hours in every syllabus.

A lot of scholarships encourage and require students to do well in school and maintain a specific G.P.A., so this can cause some stress when it comes to classes.
Dorm Life
Peru State only selects the best fitting candidates to play the Residential Assistant and Resident Hall Mentor role(s).
Roommate changes are available if you do not get along with your given roommates.
Living with up to three roommates isnâ??t as hard as it sounds, especially if you all get along.

You will have different schedules from your roommates, but it is important to be considerate of sleeping and homework schedules.

Always tell your R.A. if you feel uncomfortable in your room or you have a question or concern.

Peru State R.A.â??s have at least two weeks worth of extensive training, and take their job seriously!

Quiet hours at Peru State are strictly enforced.

Your roommates could turn out to be your best friends at Peru State because they are experiencing the same sort of college lifestyle as you are.
Living with different people makes you a better-rounded person!
Food and Dining
Students at Peru are offered a few different options in regards to meal plans.
Incoming freshmen are required to have the unlimited meal plan and any other students may choose this option as well or opt for the fifteen meal plan.
The food is separated into sections: grilled, homemade meals, the salad bar, the sandwich corner, the dessert table and the breakfast nook.

Students can choose any food they want to eatâ??it is served Buffett style and tray less to be more environment friendly.

A lot of students choose to work in Dining Services because it is a flexible job and is on campus.
What to do for fun
A lot of students like to take road trips to Wal-Mart and McDonaldâ??s in Nebraska City for fun.

There are free movie nights, free bowling nights, and other innovative activities for students on and off campus provided by CAB (Campus Activities Board).

Netflix date nights with friends are a popular choice.
Bang for the buck
In recent years, Peru State incorporated the â??One Rate, Any Stateâ?? declaration. This declaration encourages many students from any state to apply, enroll, and study at Peru State because whether you reside in or out of Nebraska, tuition and fees at this college remain the same. Thatâ??s over $20,000 in savings!

Peru State offers numerous scholarshipsâ??from art to music, to a recommendation sent in from your high school counselorâ??to an ACT score of 25 or higher, there is a scholarship for anyone. Itâ??s hard to enter Peru without any financial aid.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
â??Gooey Grubâ?? first night on campus for incoming freshmenâ??freshmen slide down the campusâ?? band hill on a Slipâ??nâ??Slide covered with smashed bananas, dish soap, and water from a hose.

The campus has also over one hundred forty-seven years of history, but an addition to our campus was made between the years 2001 and 2002. The Little Red Schoolhouse, set to be torn down in 2001 as it was located in the junction of Highway 75 North and Highway 67 West, but former Peru State President Johnson along with many private donors funded this project and moved this monument from its original location to Peru State College. It was also a coincidental discovery to find out that the first teacher to teach in this particular one-room schoolhouse was a graduate of Peru State, which was Peru Normal School at the time. She was just fourteen at the time and taught children from ages five to nineteen.
Great for these types of students
Students from small towns and big cities are usually interested in Peru State. Nonetheless, any high school graduate, college transfer, or nontraditional student looking for an affordable, enriching education should consider Peru as their top choice. It is a great college to start somewhere new!
Clubs and Activities
American Red Cross Club, Art Guild, Biology Club, Black Student Union (BSU), Bobcat Arnis Defense Club (BAD), Campus Cruscade for Christ (CRU), Campus Activities Board (CAB), Council for Exceptional Children, English Club/Writerâ??s Guild, Kappa Delta Pi, Lambda Alpha Epsilon, Music Educators National Conference (MENC), PSC Rotaract, Physical Education Activity Kinesiology Students (PEAKS), Peruâ??s Individual Leaders of Today (PILOT), Peru Theatre Company (PTC), Photography Club, Peru State Psychology Science Club, Psychology/Sociology/Criminal Justice Club, People Respecting Individual Differences and Equality (PRIDE), Peru State Education Association (PSEA), Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Beta Lambda, Resident Hall Association (RHA), Student Athletic Advisory Council, Student Sente, and more clubs pending!
Greek Life
Peru State does not have a Greek Life System.
Campus Safety
Like any college in the country, Peru State does have the college experience tied onto its history. Nonetheless, Campus Security is always on the move and even offers students rides to the dorms when it is cold, snowing, or late at night. I always know when I need to call Campus Security, they have always been my number one speed dial--they are that reliable!
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Raeanna from Thornton, CO

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
It is wonderful. The environment is so loving, everyone cares about you as a person. The professors take time to know your name and know things about you. The courses can range from challenging to cake walk it just depends on what you are good at.
Am enjoying being here
There is so much to do. Yes there are some days when you are bored, but you can get that anywhere. The Campus Activities Board plans awesome events from live music, dances, and a variety of college themed activities. you develop a family here.
Bang for the buck
On average I spend about 5,500 a semester on everything!
Tips for prospective students
Check it out make sure that the small school thing is right for you. Don't just apply because it is inexpensive, you can get cabin fever that way.
Great for these types of students
Small town kids, people who want to be an educator, music lovers, and accounting students.
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