Pierpont Community and Technical College
Fairmont, WV, USA


Pierpont Community and Technical College

Sarah from Clarksburg, WV

researching this school
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Bang for the buck
It is a very inexpensive school.
Tips for prospective students
For those students who are worn out on high school but still want to go to college this is definitely the choice for you! It's small and very personal.
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Sherry from Belington, WV

a current student here
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In three sentences
Very happy with the school, staff, and opportunity here!! It's close to home, the campus is a close-knit atmosphere, and classes are relatively small. You are able to be a person with a name and get help from professors when you need it!!
Tips for prospective students
Merely researching the school on line is not enough. You have to visit the campus and experience the down to earth atmosphere and genuine compassion of fellow students and campus staff to get the full picture.
Academic Rigor
While there are some professors that make things pretty easy, a large majority of them try to challenge the students, make them learn and genuinely care about the success of the students. They don't just want you to pass the class, they also want you to succeed!!!
Dorm Life
I have always lived off campus so I really can't be a good judge of the dorms.
Food and Dining
There is a full cafeteria in the student (Falcon) center on the third floor. There is also a fast food establishment on the second floor, as well as an ice cream parlor. We also have (on the second floor of the student center) a small convenience type store called The Nickel. There you can find hot and ready, quick-grab food items for breakfast, lunch and dinner; a variety of drinks (soda, water, milk, juice); snack foods; and made to order food items. There are also restaurants, pizza places, and student cafes/bars close by.
What to do for fun
The school is not far from the interstate; only 15-20 minutes from either Morgantown or Clarksburg so there is lots to do!! Within Fairmont you have shopping, movies, close to waterway with boating and jet skiing, and the Three Rivers Festival. In Clarksburg you have the Italian Heritage Festival, shopping, movies, specialty shops, dining, dancing, clubs/bars. In Morgantown there are the same things as well as WVU Football/Basketball, etc; concerts; plays & art.
Bang for the buck
Fairmont State University and Pierpont Community & Technical College is perfect for me. They are so flexible with classes by offering day, evening, night and weekend classes, as well as on-line courses. The staff are wonderful. The atmosphere is awesome. It's a great place to learn and grow!!
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
There is a bell that has been on campus for several years and the sororities & fraternities take turns painting and decorating the bell to express school spirit. It is an old oil barge bell called the Victory Bell and the City of Fairmont presented it to Fairmont State College in 1940.
Great for these types of students
Great for small town students or any student who wants a small town atmosphere
Clubs and Activities
If you have an interest, there is a club for you. We have everything from various on-campus bible studies to a Gay and Lesbian Student support group
Campus Safety
We have our share of situations but I honestly think the worst I've heard of lately has been an attempted burglary and some vandalism. We don't have stuff like stabbings, shootings or rapes. We have college/campus security and the city & state police are not far from campus.
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