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Pillar College
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James from Somerset, NJ

a past student here
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In three sentences
My time at Pillar was a warm, inviting atmosphere. They do their best to help you. If you give it a chance, you can receive a solid education there.
Tips for prospective students
They helped me build a schedule around my full-time work hours. Its a small school, but you can still find
Academic Rigor
Certain classes require heavy workloads. Some professors push you harder than you'd might expect. However, if you really devote yourself, you can excel farther than you think.
Dorm Life
Its a commuter college. So don't expect dorms.
Food and Dining
It has a small cafe where you can buy drinks, snacks and freezer food. No reason to have meal plans, when you are commuting.
Bang for the buck
Compared to bigger schools around, its cheaper. But it's a private college, so the tuition will go up year to year. It's expected since they don't get normal institutional funding like public colleges. Common sense folks.
Great for these types of students
Full-time workers. Adults who didn't obtain their degree after high school. Home-schoolers. Anyone who wants to go into Ministry. Students that want to become Counselors.
Clubs and Activities
They have an Intramural program that meets during each semester. They play indoor Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Football. They have 1 Bowling Night each semester. They have a Student vs. Staff Softball game during the Spring semester. They have a Student Retreat each year around Spring Break.
Greek Life
It's a commuter school. Students who come here will not expect to have this.
Campus Safety
Very safe. Well-light parking lots in Somerset. In Newark, they have safe parking garages and the building in monitored by security.
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