Regent University

Virginia Beach, VA, USA


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  • Coed

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This school does not consider an applicant’s financial situation when deciding admission

Level of Institution
4 Year
Campus Setting
Major city

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SAT Subject Tests
AP Course Credit
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Fall Regular Decision August 1, 2019
Test Optional
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Rolling Admissions

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3.50 - 3.74
3.25 - 3.49
3.00 - 3.24
2.50 - 2.99
2.00 - 2.49
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Admissions: visit page
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Admissions Telephone: 800-373-5504
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
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What Students Are Saying

3.92 Average Rating
Come visit our campus! It's a beautiful place to learn and often your tour guide will be a current student who knows the ins and outs of on-campus life. Or you can come during one of Regent's Preview Weekend event. During this event you'll get put up with current students within the on-campus residence halls and get the low-down about the school in various workshops. We'll be sure to show you just how fun Regent can be while showing Mom just how beneficial Regent will be to your education and spiritual walk. If you are a student in exceptional GPA standing looking into Regent's Scholars' Weekend. It's similar to the Preview Weekend but you will compete with other students for full or partial scholarships.
Lauren from Senoia, GA
Make sure you are disciplined if your are taking on line class. I have heard from others that the campus life is wonderful!
Lolita from Leavenworth, KS
Don't rush into it - be sure to visit the campus and talk to the students if you can. I've seen some prospective students sit in on classes - they sat in on the Creative Writing class I was in - so I know that's a possibility. Don't be afraid to ask questions of any random people you see walking on campus, although they may or may not be weirded out, I'm sure they'll answer your questions! Also, be sure to pick up some food at the Ordinary, since their food is pretty tasty.

Also, a good idea for anyone, whether you decide to go to Regent or not: buy your books on You'll get them for about a quarter of the price you get them for in a university store most of the time, including shipping. This saves you so much money it's unreal.
Emily from Mechanicsville, VA
Apply for Scholars Weekend: a competitive scholarship program which offers a full tuition and room scholarship, and multiple full tuition scholarships
Again, I'll note that one might find a professor's expectations at Regent University to be more than those presented in community colleges or even in some state colleges. I say this because I have noticed that many of my peers prefer easy classes where professors demand little and test or quizzes are open-book or allow multiple attempts. The experience at Regent is well worth the effort, in my opinion, especially if you intend on attaining an education on a Master's or Doctorate level. Also, they have great opportunities for military families and those interested in online distance learning.
Kristen A. from Florida
I urge the prospective students to get involved and jump right in! There is a lot of information available on financial aid, the division of schools, and anything else you could possibly want to know about. Visit the campus and see if Regent is right for you. Before anything, pray. Pray that God will lead you to the right path. If you trust and follow in the Lord, He will never lead you wrong.
Leila from Virginia Beach, VA
I suggest talking to the Admissions Counselors about any questions and worries, because in my experience, they're really open to talking with prospective students and are helpful. Through the Admissions Office, I've also talked to current students so you can also get a student perspective. Also, make sure to figure your Financial Aid details because college/university is an expensive endeavor (especially if you include food, travel,etc.). Regent offers nice merit scholarships, but also look into other financial aid and scholarships. I think it would help if prospective students do what a friend helped me do: make a comparison list of pros and cons of Regent with other college/university/trade school/etc. options. Finally, come visit the campus if you can, so that you can get a sense of the atmosphere and see if you can see yourself here.
David from Virginia Beach, VA
If you are an online student be prepared to devote many hours and hard work to each course. Online does not mean easy; in fact, in some ways it is more difficult than a traditional course. Take advantage of all the resources available to help students succeed - Regent has more of these than most colleges. Be prepared.
Stephanie from Richmond, VA
Regent University combines scholarly research and intellectual discussions with a Christian foundation. I suggest that when prospective students apply to Regent they understand that grades are not given, they must be earned and that not only will they develop their academic repertoire but also grow their character.
Catherine from Virginia Beach, VA
This is not a school for slackers. If you do not put in the work you WILL fail your classes. With that said, all the professors that I have encountered have been willing to work with me when ever I had problems.
Brenden from Vienna, VA

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