Rochester University
Rochester Hills, MI, USA


Rochester University
3.27 Average Rating

Lauren from Oxford, MI

accepted here and planning to attend soon
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Will learn a lot
I am truly excited to start taking courses and see all of what Rochester College has to offer.
Will enjoy being here
I love the nature surrounding the school and pleased to see a bridge that leads on some nature trails where one can go for a bike ride or take a jog.
Bang for the buck
For a private christian college, the block tuition Rochester has set up is very competitive compared to other christian colleges.
Tips for prospective students
If you want to grow as a person, learn from your peers and professors and have an education that is less stressful than other Colleges and Universities, I recommend Rochester College. There are places to hang out with friends, and also places where you can get away and be by yourself for awhile. I highly recommend Rochester.
Great for these types of students
Come here, and you will learn more about yourself. There is less drama and you just have fun. If your struggling with a class, you have the option of either going to a professor or a student. If you like small campuses, Rochester is for you. It is a small campus to where you see a lot of the same people and make friendships, where as if you go to a bigger campus with 10,000 students in attendance or more, than it's less likely that you see the same people and know anyone that you can make friends with.
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