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What Students Are Saying

3.01 Average Rating
Be aggressive! Unlike smaller colleges/universities which coddle students, SCC expects you to be a self-motivated individual. Make those counseling appointments, and be sure you are taking only the courses you need.
Student from Dixon, CA
Look into all resources such as R.I.S.E, EOPS, and the on campus tutoring. They are a tremendous help. Also stay in close contact with a counselor to help you stay on track with your goals and form a study group!
Camille from Sacramento, CA
take advantage of all the available resources offered. it will ease your transition into college, and will help you to succeed.
Samounn from Sacramento, CA
Enroll in classes you need, because you will learn alot. There are alot of students so when it comes to first priority of classes make sure you sign up on the date given :)
sina from Sacramento, CA
You are your own accountability. No one forces you to go to class or to do your homework. If you need help, you yourself need to go talk to your professor or seek help at one of the tutoring centers (and there are plenty of people there willing to help you). Also, don't forget to talk to a counselor regularly, as this will help you complete your educational goals. Oh, and don't forget to register early. Otherwise you'll be wait listed for just about everything.
Monica from Sacramento, CA
Go to the event called Senior Saturday provided by Sacramento City. It is such an important event for seniors wishing to go here. You get everything done at once, orientation, counseling, and also a sooner registration date.
Adria from Browns Valley, CA
My advice is to use the services given to you. If you are lost or confused their are counselors that can help and a school website to search. Otherwise just ask a student on campus. Many of us will happily help you out. Also the library
Yolante from North Highlands, CA
a very good tip is to come an hour before your class so you could find parking.
Karen from Elk Grove, CA
Easy commute
Kimberlee from Sacramento, CA
Future students coming in I say study as much math and English before taking your placement tests. Many classes require prerequisites of higher level math and English and placing high in both these fields cuts down a considerably large amount of time. Apply for EOPS they offer book assistance to help pay for textbooks and you are not required to give a dime back, also you recieve zero priority status when enrolling for classes. This is a must since there are more students enrolling than graduating. Apply for financial aid if you are a full-time student, there is a financial aid center to help you fill out your application, if needed, on campus. Register with RISE. RISE is a great place to do homework and build up on networking skills and meet students who are serious about school. Also, RISE has a book lending program and also offers free trips to California Universities. Register for Math Lab. They offer free tutoring for math students. All the way up to calculus, just figure out the schedule for whoever is your preferred tutor and schedule your study time around that. Check out all the clubs you can. Networking has become the stepping stone into getting a job and many clubs on campus hold events to meet important people in careers you care about. Last but definitely not least meet with a counselor, EOPS has counselors you can consult with and there are many more, but let them know what your plans are so they help build an Ed Plan with you. This way your not wasting your time taking classes you do not need.
Andrew from Vallejo, CA

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