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Saddleback College
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Chad from Dana Point, CA

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
This school has given me the tools and confidence to compete with any other student at any major university. For the most part the professors are great and easily accessible however there are a few exceptions. As a student who is transferring into a nationally ranked university i feel that this school has jump started me into a bright future.
Am enjoying being here
The campus is scenic with a great geographic location. The buildings however have an outdated feel. The campus however has been going under renovations and the new buildings are a great change. New and accessible computer labs are a great help to students with limited access to computers. Free wireless internet access is available to all enrolled students. The faculty i have encountered are for the most part very friendly and helpful.
Bang for the buck
This is a great opportunity for students to have a second chance at achieving their goals and contributing towards a greater society.
Tips for prospective students
Stay focused, don't get caught up in the scene. Take your math classes, allot of the people i know cannot transfer on time because the are behind on math, the sooner you start the better.
Great for these types of students
All Students.
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Brianna from San Clemente, CA

a current student here
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In three sentences
Saddleback is an extremely good community college in beautiful Orange County, California. They have a top notch nursing program, many majors, and certification programs. They are the #1 community college in Orange County to transfer students to the best UC system schools in California.
Tips for prospective students
Saddleback has a diverse array of students--be friendly, engage in the great smaller class atmospheres, and study hard. Use a professor online rating information website to help you choose what classes will be the best choice for you. Saddleback is an involved community college--with over 50 clubs, and plenty of school spirit for sports. Saddleback has all types of classes: from ones that get you to your transfer destination, to leisurely classes such as yoga, salsa dancing, kickboxing, swimming, or even, sailing. Make the most of your time here at Saddleback by getting involved with every aspect.
Academic Rigor
Saddleback is known to be one of the better community colleges here in California. They have top notch professors that have worked in their particular subject for the majority of their life--these professors have real life experience and have graduated with PhDs and high degrees. They are writers, publishers, architects, and retired engineers. You know you're getting a good eduction when the teachers are top notch! Saddleback is 100% accredited and has 300 different types of associate degrees, and other certificates to choose from. They even offer study abroad programs! Who would of thought that a community college could offer this?
Dorm Life
Saddleback has no dorms. All students live off campus, but luckily, Saddleback is just right off the 5 freeway, and an easy drive for the traveling student.
Food and Dining
Saddleback college has food trucks that are featured each week, a cafeteria, and multiple coffee stands. There is a wide array of options to fill everyone's stomach!
What to do for fun
Saddleback is in the heart of Orange County, CA. On campus, you can join clubs, sports, volunteer, and leadership programs. Off campus, the world is yours! Enjoy yourself at beaches in Dana Point, San Clemente, and Laguna Beach--just about 15 minutes away. Or, take a quick drive up to Big Bear, which is about an hour and a half you can be snowboarding! There are tons of high class malls, and cheaper places to shop and eat. Starbucks, In-n-out, Mission Viejo Mall, and several other conveniences are right next to the campus!
Bang for the buck
By going to Saddleback college, you are saving much more money and getting just as good of an education as going to a four-year university. There's no worry in getting the best bang for your buck!
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
Saddleback has an award winning radio station--you can tune in, anytime, anywhere!
Great for these types of students
Saddleback is great for any type of student. Diversity is rampant--older students, middle age students, thriving young adults. African American, Syrian, Christian, Hispanic, Caucasian, or Muslim--we have it all here at Saddleback!
Clubs and Activities
With 500 clubs and organizations--what more could you ask for?! From sailing, to Bible club, from Young Democrats, to the Helping Hands Sociology club--we have a club for everyone!
Greek Life
There is no greek life at Saddleback College. But there are a few honors societies, such as Phi Thetta Kappa (National Honors Society) and Psi Beta (National Psychology Honors Association).
Campus Safety
The campus has police patrolling all the time of day and night! I have never felt not safe at Saddleback. You might want to be careful speeding through campus though--you might get a ticket! ;)
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