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Fall Regular Decision November 30, 2020 May 1, 2019
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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 408-283-7500
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
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What Students Are Saying

3.71 Average Rating
join as many clubs as you can !
graciela from seaside, ca
never hesitate to ask your professors for help. they are here for you; they are also available at their office. if you don't ask, you will fail. make sure to keep in touch with your professors if you are having concerns. in addition, counselors are even here to help you with anything you have in mind. remember, since you are paying for your tuition, you also pay to see the counselors, so take advantage of the resources that are available at sjsu.
brian from san jose, ca
Always attend class! Study your notes at least 5 minutes each day. If you are struggling with anything do not hesistate to seek help either from your professor or a tutor.
Nitza from Pomona, CA
Always plan ahead! Spaces for classes are very competitive here, so make sure you sign up for the earliest freshman orientation possible, or do whatever you can to get advanced registration for every semester. Immediately search for the Facebook group of your graduating class - many questions are answered there by your peers and upperclassmen. Over the summer, look for any programs offered by your college because that is exactly how you get a head start on your social life in college!
Daisy from Morgan Hill, CA
Some tips are to really be involved on campus, it will make your experience so much more fun and you will meet so many new people. Also do not procrastinate because it will come back to haunt you, school work requires more than just doing it overnight. Studying hard and going above and beyond are what can make you stand out in a room full of 300 students and trust me teachers will notice that.
Kaela from Fairfield, CA
This is a good school for those who want to get involved. Especially if you live on campus, SJSU makes sure to always have events going and make sure you are in the know, just make sure you pay attention to the posters surrounding you! It offers many different majors, although it is known primarily for its Business, Engineering, Computer Science, Art, Music, and Dance programs. It is very great school. The one bad thing is if you are big on sports and a great fan, you need to work a little to get the crowd going.
KalinaA from Riverside, CA
On the first day of classes, you are given a green sheet. All the test dates and assignments are written on it. Your teachers will not remind you what will be due or when you have a test- they expect you to know.
Also, sign up for the first orientation. I signed up for the last one and all of the classes were taken!
Tatiana from San Francisco, CA
- If your a local - be sure you check out other schools. Not saying this isn't a good school (especially journalism, in the top 10 in the state), BUT just dont' regret not going away, like myself.

- Hang out on campus
- Join a club
- Get involved
- Enjoy the concerts and such in the Spartan Complex
- Get ready for a bunch of marijuanna clubs handing out their business cards/deals around campus! =P
- 30 in from the beach/Santa Cruz Boardwalk - GO OFTEN!
- 45 min from San Francisco - see the Golden Gate Bridge and other historical sights. Great shopping/food there. SEE ALCATRAZ

Ashley from San Jose, CA
When signing up for your orientation, if you are conditionally accepted, I suggest you to register for the orientation ASAP. Due to budget cuts, the school has put a unit cap on everyone so student can only enroll in 14 units MAX until the cap is lifted. To get the classes you want, the earlier your orientation date is, the better!
Nancy from San Jose, CA
Highly suggest visiting each college of interest before accepting any offer. Meeting the students and staff on campus is a great way to see how the college experience will be at that campus. Also look for a college that will be able to develop more than just your academic portfolio.
Nicholas from San Leandro, CA

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