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Dixon, IL, USA


Sauk Valley Community College
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DeAndre from Dixon, IL

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
I am extremely impressed with the effort the teachers and faculty put into all of us students to succeed! After my first semester, my SVCC GPA is 3.14, with help from tools at programs and clubs, like the Student Support Services/Trio, that assists students (at no cost) with tutors, laptops, learning centers, calculators and book lending; along with workshops and other services that are interesting and motivating towards our futures. When ever I need to speak to one of my teachers or a faculty member about a test, my grade, financial information, my classes, or just to ask a question, I have always felt like they were interested and happy to take the time to help me. Therefore, I'd say Sauk Valley Community College is definitely an 9 out of 10, but it's not the fault of the college that the winter weather gets so cold!
Am enjoying being here
Sauk Valley Community College as a whole is Great! The campus is big enough to feel different from any 4A high school, yet small enough so you can get the one on one help when you need it. It has all the advanced equipment and books to provide top notch education for degrees and transfers, plus the resources to help students with services to cope with college life, grades, interests, and educational goals. The sports and coaches are awesome Go Skyhawks and the college puts on events, like dances, bonfires, etc. to bring the students together for some safe fun and to help our community.
Bang for the buck
I would definitely recommend SVCC! Since relocating to the area, the cost to attend is reasonable, plus you get all the sports, clubs and services as a Division I or II University without the costs and distractions of big campus life. Don't get me wrong, SVCC is definitely not a boring campus, it's just the right mixture.
Tips for prospective students
1) Compare SVCC and other colleges for their educational reputations, prices to attend, campus's, faculty, support services, clubs, sports and activities, and you'll find that SVCC has everything at an affordable rate.
2) If you can't come visit the campus(s), make sure you call and speak with a counselor, admissions, financial aid, and even talk with a student aid to ask all the questions you have. Call back several times if necessary, they don't mind.
3) The college you choose has to fit your lifestyle and goals, so do not bite off more than you can handle; sometimes starting smaller actually adds up to be more in the long run.
4) Once you have all your information, I'm sure you'll see why SVCC is a great educational experience, for the money.
Great for these types of students
Motivated, Athletic, Intelligent, Creative, Organized and Unorganized, because Sauk Valley Community College is for everyone who wants to get a great education and enjoy their college experience.
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