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What Students Are Saying

4.61 Average Rating
7 dining halls on 5 campuses. Competition definitely benefits the students. Check out Taco Tuesday at Pitzer, Muddgolian at Harvey Mudd, and sushi night at Scripps.
Irina from San Rafael, CA
I live in beautiful GJW and I have a giant walk-in closet, a nice and long sink space, and large floor space where I can do four giant leaps. I'd say it's even nicer than my room back home.
Current Student
The meal plan at Scripps allows you to eat at all the dining halls at the Claremont Colleges (Pitzer, Harvey Mudd, Claremont Mckenna, and Pomona). This allows you to have a lot of variety in your meals, and there's a website where you can see what is being offered at each dining hall for each meal so you can get whatever looks best to you. Each school tries to attract the most amount of students to their dining hall, and because of this competition the food being served is always delicious. Very vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and allergy friendly. Lots of organic foods and they try to support locally grown food as well.
Alex from New York City, NY
The food at Scripps is amazing. Because Scripps is part of the Claremont Colleges Consortium you can eat at any of the school's dining halls for any meal. We have a website and app which show you what is being served at each dining hall for every meal so you can pick what looks best for that meal. On Friday's we haev sushi night, on Saturday's we have steak and salmon - so there are really gormet choices which make it so it doesn't feel like dining hall food at all. We also have flex dollars which come with the meal plan that can be used at any eatery around the 5 campuses. So if you miss a meal or want to buy coffee at the Motley Coffee House on Scripps' campus you can use flex dollars. There are tons of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options so there is something for everyone!
Haley from Seattle, WA
The Claremont Colleges share many facilities amongst themselves, dining halls included. There are seven dining halls in total, one at each of the Claremont Colleges (Pomona College however has three dining halls, one of them being the Oldenborg Center, which also serves as a residence hall.). As a Scripps student, you may eat at any of the seven dining halls, save for Oldenborg, which is only open during the weekdays at lunch (for the residents who live there, to practice their language with their peers; this is required of all Oldenborg residents). All of them are very decent, however, Elizabeth Hubert Malott Commons (Scripps' dining hall) is generally recognized as one of the better dining halls. There is always a fresh salad bar and pizza in the oven at meals (save for at breakfast for obvious reasons). Organic, vegetarian, and vegan options are also always available, but McConnell Bistro (Pitzer's dining hall) tends to have better options.

Malott is busiest during its weekly sushi nights and steak nights, which are generally considered its best meals. The sushi and steak are both rather mediocre in my opinion, but very decent considering its dining hall food. I have had friends visit from other colleges, and they told me the food at Malott is amazing in comparison to the food served at their dining halls. What Malott lacks is creativity â?? the food is actually quite alright, but the menu is rather repetitive. You can almost predict the menu sometimes â?? burger and fries, quesadillas and grilled chicken, pizza, sweet potatoes and pork roast, something weird in the â??Internationalâ?? section, cookies and frozen yogurtâ?¦ and etcetera. If you are curious what options are available to 5C students, I recommend checking out the Five-College Menu (it is maintained by a current student, though he does not go to Scripps for obvious reasons):
Students can have meals at any of the 5C dining halls. There are seven across the campuses, so lots of choices. The menus are all posted online. There are also smaller grab-and-go types of places--I think one or two on each campus. Scripps's Motley Coffeehouse is an amazing place to study, work, and relax. It has the perfect college-coffeehouse vibe--exposed brick walls, a stage at the front for student performances, plenty of comfy chairs and sofas, and a super-friendly student staff. My favorite drink is a chai tea latte with honey.
Jasmine from Hillsborough, CA
Students at Scripps have access to all 7 dining halls (plus a handful of cafes, coffee shops, and snack places) of the Claremont Consortium, and because the various schools have to pay each other when their students eat elsewhere, there is an economic competition between the schools to have the best food. The students reap the benefits. Steak, sushi, salmon, stir-fry, custom pasta, smoothies... we really eat well here. The dining halls also make an effort to provide vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and allergy-free options, and to label any potential hazards (nuts, shellfish, etc) in the foods.
Current Student