Shasta Bible College and Graduate School
Redding, CA, USA


Shasta Bible College and Graduate School
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Mark from Epsom, NH

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
Those who are seeking a life in ministry, this would be a great start for you. You learn the basics you need such as New Testament Survey, Old Testament Survey, Hermeneutics, and Spiritual Life. These will mark out the foundation you need to advance in your knowledge of God's Word.
Am enjoying being here
The academic part of the school is great, but the family aspect of it is best. As I have said to many others, you learn more outside of the classroom. Your new friends will keep you accountable in many ways, and encourage and challenge you to grow in God's Word.
Bang for the buck
It is truly affordable. The average cost is $12,500; but with financial aid, depending on your situation, you can can drop that to half. I have been blessed to pay only $3,000 a semester. This school has been faithfully blessed with donors; and this school is proud to say that it is a faith based school.
Tips for prospective students
Make sure that it is God's will for you to go to this school. If it is, have a willing heart to learn. There will be things that will be exciting to learn and things that are not; but a desire to learn will help you through this. The school consists of students that vary in many ways, especially on an academic scale, so don't worry about how smart you are. You will definitely learn things one way or another.
Great for these types of students
For those who like to be responsible for their own actions rather than having a teacher stand over everything you do, this school is for you. Like I said before, the family factor definitely helps. The teachers themselves become more than just teachers, they become your friends. Genuine Christianity is displayed on this campus; and for those who seek this, this campus is for you. If you are not called to stay on campus, they also offer online classes.
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