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Sitting Bull College
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In three sentences
Sitting Bull College is, as one outreach coordinator says, the Harvard of Tribal Colleges, and it deserves this- the education offered at Sitting Bull is top-notch, whether pursuing business, education, environmental studies, or other majors. The classes at Sitting Bull are small providing a lot of one-on-one attention and the instructors are dedicated professionals who work hard to ensure the learning and success of every student. As a student, and without exception all other students I know here would say similar, I feel I am lucky to attend such a great small school.
Tips for prospective students
Prospective students- be aware that entering Sitting Bull is like entering a family- there is no slacking-off, no cutting corners, everyone at the College is dedicated to your success and so you must be too. The more you get involved with extracurricular happenings, whether it be one of the several clubs such as the American Indian Business Leaders, the Rodeo Club, the Ecology Club, or the Culture Club, and the community, through various community events both on and off-campus, the more you will feel get to grow and enjoy your experience. Due in part to knowledgable and interested professors who apply both Native American connections and real-world applications you should come excited to learn.
Academic Rigor
Sitting Bull College is no joke academically- yes, the instructors will try and help you learn and there are always tutors available, but you have to be willing to put in the work, especially as you get deeper into your chosen discipline. Undergraduate Environmental Studies majors need to be ready to go into the field and do sampling from the start, and Education majors need to be ready to spend a lot of time in actual classrooms; if you're attending for a CDL, mechanic, or building-trades course be prepared to be spending much of your time working actually partaking in these skills/trades.
Dorm Life
Dorm life at Sitting Bull College is quiet. Fort Yates has only a handful of stores and not many are open late. Drinking and drugs are not allowed in the student apartments (dorms) nor at the family housing. Guests at the dorms are required to leave in the evenings at a set time. The dorm apartments each consist of four bedrooms and a shared kitchen/living space as well as a shared bathroom with separated shower, toilet, and sink facilities. The dorms are clean and modern and provide a positive studying atmosphere.
Food and Dining
Sitting Bull College is still in fundraising efforts for its first cafeteria at this point. For now, there are vending machines as well as caring staff who frequently cook up something to share in the student lounge, but students are required to be responsible for their own food including those living on campus. The dorm apartments are equipped with kitchenettes including microwaves, electric burners, fridges, and the student lounge has an oven available, and the family housing is slightly more equipped. During the summer and fall a Fort Yates farmer's market offers a great selection of local inexpensive vegetables and Fort Yates has a handful of stores that serve food, both packaged and ready-to-eat.
What to do for fun
Powwow season, camping, hiking, basketball, school clubs, skiing (closer to Mandan) and more are part of the variety of fun things to do around Fort Yates. Be aware: if you do not like being outdoors, this is probably not the school for you.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
Sitting Bull is a Tribal College located on the Standing Rock Lakota reservation and Native American studies has a part in each course at the College.
Campus Safety
The Campus has its own 24/7 on-site security.
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