South Georgia State College
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South Georgia State College
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Samantha from Marianna, FL

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In three sentences
South Georgia College is a good step for students just entering the college world. I think the school is extremely good and beneficial. It is trying at times but you always come out on top.
Tips for prospective students
If you are planing to attend South Georgia College then you should try to set an appointment with your academic adviser provided by the school. They will help you find out what how much classes you can take per semester as well as how long it would take for you to graduate. This will be extremely beneficial.
Academic Rigor
The difficulty of the college is completely based on the student. You can choose how much classes you have per semester and the school provides free tutoring for students. The teachers are always available for students who need extra guidance.
Dorm Life
The dorm life is amazing. You can choose to have a private room or have a roommate. Each room has two bedrooms doors that lock. You share a sink area and a bathroom. Each room also comes with your own bed, night stand, dresser drawers, closet, desk, and a window. You are also paired with a resident assistant that is there to make you comfortable.
Food and Dining
The cafeteria is really good. They serve in a buffet style and have a salad, fruit, and desert bar. If you ever miss a meal the you can get a replacement meal at the school cafe which is open whenever the cafeteria isn't.
What to do for fun
The school hosts a whole bunch of activities that you can win free stuff from. The school also has the Clower Center that is basically an arcade area for students. The school clubs also host a lot of events you can go to.
Bang for the buck
What you see is what you get. The school does everything it says it does. All you have to do is attend and enjoy the service. Everything you are paying for is exactly what you get.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
The has a whole bunch of ghost stories that you enjoy. It is usually tradition for students to explore the campus at night and visit the old buildings to see if they can capture the ghosts in action.
Great for these types of students
The school is great for all types of students. You can choose your own speed here and have fun with it.
Clubs and Activities
There is always something to do here at South Georgia College. There are many clubs that make themselves known. The school sponsors many fairs that students can go and find the right club for them.
Greek Life
We have the Honor Society and they are very open are willing to help you reach the criteria before entering.
Campus Safety
The campus security is everywhere on campus and they make routines all day and night every day. You can relay on them for everything. The school updates everyone on crime alerts and weather reports. They want us to feel as well as be safe at South Georgia College. You can relay on that.
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