Southeast Arkansas College
Pine Bluff, AR, USA


Southeast Arkansas College
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Lakeesha from Pine Bluff, AR

a current student here
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In three sentences
Southeast Arkansas College feels like home. A place where you can get to know your instructors and your instructors have an interest in each individual. I have to believe that it is one of the many great community colleges in the United States.
Tips for prospective students
Prospective students should not let the out side world affect their college experience. They should not let love or out side issues and distraction affect their decision to continue/complete their college education.
Academic Rigor
The standards for students are high at S.E.A.R.K. When someone achieves high, they are recognized, not just at the school but locally.
Dorm Life
There are not dorms just yet, but people around campus are saying that they are working on funding for becoming a larger college and later work on dorm rooms.
Food and Dining
The food and dining is wonderful. The cafe has food cooked by Tastesetters Eatery Too!. I love to eat there, and I'm pretty sure everyone else thinks the same. If only they could cook in my home!!
What to do for fun
SEARK has a softball team and has frequent campus events.
Bang for the buck
Bang for the buck? I'm assuming that means opportunities to receive money. There are more than enough scholarships, career opportunities, and not to mention work-study positions.
Clubs and Activities
I am in the STEM club which is a great opportunity to travel and learn about minority majors. Their is also Alpha Mu Gamma,APPLES,Arkansas Licensed Practical Nursing Association (ALPNA-PN),Arkansas Society of Radiologic Technologists (ArSRT),Arkansas Student Nurses
Association (ASNA),Association for Surgical Technologist,Arkansas Society of Radiologic Technologists (ArSRT),Phi Beta Lambda (PBL),Phi Theta Kappa (PTK),SEARK College Student Ambassadors, and SEARK College Student Senate
Greek Life
No Greek Life, SADLY.... not that I know of anyways...I keep my head in the books.
Campus Safety
We have more than enough security guards and Medal detectors.
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Heather from Rison, AR

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
I love there programs.. Most of it is hands-on and you will learn what you need to learn plus a lil more. the teachers are great advisors and will try to help you out in any way possible.
Am enjoying being here
love it.. i have great fiends in my program
Bang for the buck
cheapest college in arkansas and would chose no other because you get more than what you pay for
Tips for prospective students
i highly recommend yes it is a small school but you have great one on one time if you need it and it helpful
Great for these types of students
just show you want to do it to your teachers and they are love you
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