Southeastern Community College
West Burlington, IA, USA


Southeastern Community College
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Ashley from Keokuk, IA

a past student here
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In three sentences
I was very pleased with this college; every professor that I had was very supportive and educational. The small class sizes offered at this college were very good for me especially when it came to my public speaking class. I believe that my time at this college will be very beneficial to my future educational and career seeking endeavours.
Tips for prospective students
If you are planning on enrolling at this college a piece of advice is to make yourself well acquainted with the staff and the professors, the more better you know everyone the easier it is to ask for help with assignments if you need it. Also be sure to utilize all of the services offered, such as the tutors and enrollment specialists. They will definitely assist you in making your college experience a pleasant and successful one.
Academic Rigor
The courses at this college were very educational, but not overly challenging. I found that as long as I stayed on track and handed in everything assigned it was easy to learn what was taught.
Dorm Life
I did not stay in any of the dorms that this college had to offer, I was a stay at home student when I was enrolled at this university.
Food and Dining
This college had a cafeteria called the Blackhawk Diner, the food there was always good and very affordable.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
One of the more unusual things that I have participated in when enrolled here was the colleges some-what annual Zombie Walk. This is an activity that has been held in the past where students and even members of the community are invited to dress up as zombies and walk up and down main street, just for fun and to get people involved with the college. This is organized by faculty members and is a very fun activity to be involved in.
Clubs and Activities
There were many things to do at this college, the women's basketball games drew very big crowds. However, more recently certain members of the college have started putting on plays for the student body, starring other students. These were very well done and I highly recommend checking one out.
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