Southern California Institute of Architecture
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Southern California Institute of Architecture
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Am learning a lot
You will work late hours. You will be swamped with assignments and projects. You either learn to pick up the pace or drop trying. You'll look back years later and experience brain seizures at the thought of how quickly you've learned to do the things that used to take you days to do. It's not a question of whether or not you'll learn a lot. It's a question of what you'll do with all that you've learned.
Am enjoying being here
If you're really enjoy the study of architecture, you'll develop a masochistic pleasure in the late nights of work and relentless onslaught of impossible assignments. If not, consider
Bang for the buck
Yes, it's an expensive school, but I am yet to come across another learning environment as intense, social and downright free spirited as this. Sometimes I like to justify it financially by thinking that the students work here 3 times longer per day than the typical architecture student, so were in fact getting 15 years worth of experience over the course of 5 years.
Tips for prospective students
Get your personal life in order and if there's anything you absolutely must do while the opportunity lasts, do it. Once school starts, the outside world ceases to exist. You will see it again, but by then you'll find that life moves on without you.
Great for these types of students
The hard-working, dedicated, reliable, creative, rebellious, optimistic and endearing. More than anything, it comes down to those who have the strong will to follow through.
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