Southern Vermont College
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Southern Vermont College
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Angelina from BROOKLYN, NY

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In three sentences
Southern Vermont College is a small campus that serves different purposes; the purposes that SVC serves are making sure students graduate, get help in all areas needed and show students to be responsible. This college has a lot of majors to offer and students take note of that. Besides, the purposes and it's major SVC prepares you for the real world, it's definitely a solid 10, if that was the highest rate.
Tips for prospective students
Prospective students should always notice their loyalty and dedication. They should take their education to it's highest degree. These students should realize the position they are in and not waste their potential. Always work hard because hard work pays off.
Academic Rigor
The academic rigor at SVC is very strict. Although, it is a small campus their are requirements of students. Students respect the campus life.
Dorm Life
Dorm life is very important. Students have their fun and respect their peers.
Food and Dining
The food isn't always it's best, but it's not terrible. I enjoy it.
What to do for fun
On this campus you can play pool, start your own club with your own requirements, cook, play ping pong, have movie nights, or throw parties. You can do as you please as long as you respect campus grounds and your peers.
Bang for the buck
Southern Vermont College is a respected college. People on campus show respect and care. They provide all the help they can for students.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
On campus on Saint Patrick Day, people love to drink beer.
Great for these types of students
If students are really social they should engage in clubs or start one.
Clubs and Activities
Students start their own clubs and activities. We have different activities that take place most likely at the end of the week.
Campus Safety
Campus Safety are very strict and protective. They are very helpful and respectful.
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