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Southwest Mississippi Community College
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Tips for prospective students
Always ask questions! The instructors are there for you! If you show that you care about your grade, they are willing to work with you and help you succeed. Be aware of deadlines for scholarships and anything else. Whenever you're getting different answers about anything, try to talk to the person in charge of the program that you're asking about, whether it's a class or a club. If you need help with a subject, ask for help! They have tutors in the library. Try to get a 3.5 your first semester so you can get Phi Theta Kappa (PTK). This will help you out at University. Take some Honors classes. They're no different than the normal ones, and it gets you into the Honors club. The classroom sizes are even smaller, so if you like that, it works hand-in-hand. Make sure you go to class first before buying books! If you do end up buying first and they have shrink wrap, DON'T TAKE THE SHRINK WRAP OFF until you go to class to make sure you have the right book!!! If it didn't come with shrink wrap, you might have a hard time returning the book. It's better to wait until class.
Academic Rigor
ACADEMICS: Most of the classes are fairly easy. Most of the time the reason why some students here don't pass classes is either they don't do the work or come to class. So, if you do the work and come to class, you're good. There are some challenging classes but you learn a lot and they prepare you for University. If you don't understand something, ask the instructor! They're happy to help! Or go to the tutoring center in the library. CAREER TECH: I didn't personally take any career tech classes, but I know that some are easy, some are challenging. They teach you the things you need to know for when entering the work field.
Dorm Life
I personally didn't live in the dorms, but I did hear that sometimes the internet sucks. I do know that they are in the process of building a new girls dorm.
Food and Dining
Some people like the cafeteria. Personally, I don't like the cafeteria. I like the Grill a whole lot better. They have really good food for a really good price. The Baptist Student Union (BSU) also serves lunch on Wednesday for $2 and it's also really good.
Bang for the buck
It's a really good deal. For Academics, you can rent most of your books. The rental fee is $125 and that's for all rental books, not per rental book. For the books that you do have to buy, I would recommend that you write down the title, author, version, and ISBN and try to find it online for a cheaper price. As for lab books, it's almost impossible to find them online for a cheaper price, so it's better to just buy them at the bookstore. For Career Tech, I don't know if it's better to try to find the book online or buy at the bookstore, but I would recommend that you try to find them online first.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
They do have an event called Bear Necessities Day. It's basically a field day. Depending on what they decide to do that year, you may have a couple of classes and then go to Bear Necessities Day. It's an activity that you and your classmates can get together in a team beforehand and compete against other teams. It's fun to get involved in or to even watch from the sidelines.
Great for these types of students
I think it's great for all types of students.
Clubs and Activities
They have Student Government Association (SGA), Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), Bear Trackers, Scholars Bowl, Campus Ministries like Baptist Student Union and Wesley Foundation, Collegiate DECA, Tri Beta Biological Honor Society, Pine Burr - the school newspaper, Whispering Pines - the school yearbook, Choir & Southwest Singers, Marching Band and Stage Band, Student Nurses Organization, Phi Beta Lambda (PBL), Future Educators of America (FEA), and Health Information Management Student Association (HIMSA). Some of these are clubs and some are classes. When you register, make sure to pick up a calendar. It'll have the clubs/classes, some information about them, and the contact numbers.
Campus Safety
It's fairly safe here. For what I heard, all we had were a few car break-ins.
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