Spoon River College
Canton, IL, USA


Spoon River College
2.75 Average Rating

Dasha from Havana, IL

a current student here
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In three sentences
Spoon River College has changed my life for the better. This college has a lot to offer and several campuses to attend. The professors and students are very nice and all willing to help.
Tips for prospective students
Be yourself and follow your dreams. Do what you want to do and talk to others to help you decide what is best for you. Spoon River College is a great place to start!
Academic Rigor
All of the professors are very well knowledged and I learn a lot in all of my classes.
Dorm Life
Dorms are not offered at Spoon River. It is a community college.
Food and Dining
Very good food! During finals Spoon River offers food to keep us focused and they also have student appreciation day which we then get free food items.
What to do for fun
Spoon River has various activities such as Halloween Costume parties, student appreciation day, going to basketball games such as the Bulls. The activities are very fun and very well thought out.
Clubs and Activities
Spoon River offers drama, choir, sports, etc. For a community college, they offer a lot.
Campus Safety
I always feel very safe on campus. I am never afraid either.
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