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Early Decision Acceptance is binding so student must attend college if accepted. November 1, 2022
Fall Regular Decision February 1, 2022 May 1, 2021
Spring Regular Decision November 1, 2020
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Average SAT Composite: 1281
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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 800-285-1856
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
For Veteran Services: visit page

What Students Are Saying

4.13 Average Rating
As a current student, some tips for prospect students include being disciplined and organized with your college application, and, if accepted, with the follow-up college requirements. As you’re making a list for the colleges you’re thinking of applying to, divide it into three tiers. First tier should be for the colleges that will be the most difficult to get in (Dream Schools), second tier should be for colleges you think you have a fairly good chance of getting in based on your school research, and the third tier should be for colleges you know you’ll most likely be accepted to (back up schools). St. Lawrence University is a great school and there will be competition with other applicants, so therefore I recommend you strengthen your GPA, resume, essays, and your overall school record as much as possible. If you’re worried about your test scores, don’t stress too much over it because St. Lawrence is “test-optional”, which means you’re not required to submit test scores from the SAT or ACT. So with more reason I repeat that your transcripts, essay, and recommendations should be stellar. Also, know whether you work better in a sea of people or in small group settings. By knowing this, you’ll know whether a small college is fit for you or if a large college with thousands and thousands of students is better for you. Furthermore, make sure you do some soul-searching to understand exactly what passions drive you the most and make sure you search for various schools of all categories from privates, public, out-of-state and in-state. Also, try not to worry too much about tuition costs. I applied to St. Lawrence not expecting much financial aid, but in fact I received a scholarship and lots of unexpected financial aid. It was the most expensive school I applied to and yet it offered the greatest monetary aid. You just never know! Nonetheless, have fun with your college search!! Cappex makes that possible just for you.
Marilyn from Huntington Park, CA
I would tour any colleges you are serious about, or even just possibly considering. You'll never know if St. Lawrence or any other school is right for you until you get on the campus and get a feel for it.
Sophie from Chazy, NY
Spend a night on campus! A short tour simply isn't enough; you need a feel for what it would be like if you were truly going to attend the university, and it will give you a chance to meet some new people, take in a class among peers, and get an inside look on the ins and outs of the campus.
Alexis from Sanbornville, NH
be ready for college...
be ready for the amount of work you'll receive...
be ready to become organized and prepared...
be ready for a change in your life...
be ready to feel home sick, be ready to make tons of friends, be ready to try new things, be ready to get accustomed to the "slu bubble"

definitely, do not feel shy about reaching out to staff, tutors, or friends for help... dare to be adventurous and fun. experience all that slu has to offer and you should have a great academic career.
jeremy from san jose, ca
Never be afraid to approach a professor, they are always helpful. Go to the Word Studio, and your GPA will thank you kindly. Last but not least, the pub is not Pub is the Northstar Cafe.
Taylor from Gouverneur, NY
Look at the opportunites on campus academically and socially. It will all balance out. Try and ask about the party scene if you are not into it because of how much you are paying you deserve not to be miserable.
lilrocker392, NY
Prospective students should most definitely come for a campus tour and consider doing an overnight visit with a SLU student to really get a feel for the school, including how the classes operate and the types of students that St. Lawrence has to know whether it will be a good match for you!
Noelle from Williamson, NY
These are just tips in general from what I have learned. Procrastination is not good. No matter how you look at it if you have something due, do it as soon as possible so you have less work to do later in the end. The second thing is to do the best you can. Professors always tell me that sometimes you will try the best you can and you won't always get the grade you want. It may stink but just keep trying and you'll get there. The third is always have fun and don't regret a thing you do.
Stephanie from Freeport, NY

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