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Fall Regular Decision January 15, 2021
Spring Regular Decision November 1, 2019
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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 631-632-6868
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
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What Students Are Saying

3.61 Average Rating
There are students here who do not appreciate or are aware of everything Stony offers because they are unadventurous and did not do the proper research. If you prefer a school in an urban area, do not come to Stony. Stony is located in a suburban area, but there is plenty to do if you are involved. Going home every weekend becasue you do not like the suburbs is not a fun way to experience college.
I think Stony Brook can be a little intimidating for incoming students. It does seem large and can be puzzling to the average individual who has no clue about college or what is supposed to occur here. But that is the situation with every college. The key to making it successful over here is not over-indulging in parties and social gatherings but placing that to a minimum and being active about one's education. Study hard weeks before your tests and the grades will show your hard work.
Justin from Yonkers, NY
Get ready to buckle down and study! Courses are challenging, and you really must reach out and find the help that you need. Step out and attend various events, get to know people-they are more willing to help than they seem, and it is a great way to practice networking skills that will help you land a job. Attend info sessions and take advantage of free services- they are there to help you succeed!
Miranda from Nesconset, NY
Get to know your peers immediately as they will be one of the best resources to utilize. Developing a group of friends who are just as motivated as you will help you make it through large classes and lessen the rigor of four years of intense classes. In addition, listen to your friends advice about the classes they have taken and the specific professors that teach them. Getting the A is about mastering the material but also about being well aware of what the Professor expects and how he or she grades. Be strategic in how you make your schedule; your first year you don't want to get trapped taking two or three pre-medical classes along with a DEC such as News Literacy. This brings me to my next point. You will be required to take DECs otherwise known as gen. eds. These can either really enrich your college experience or make it really tedious and seemingly stressful. In other words, select DECs that interest you and that you are also willing to work hard if it is required of you.
Ashley from Amityville, NY
Read the textbook. Even skimming it will not be enough, but if you read and understand whatever book they give you, then you will succeed in doing well in the class. Also going to lectures is very important, especially if they take attendance as that will be part of your grade. However, even if they do not take attendance, going to class is still very important because of the tips and hints the teacher says that you won't know if you only read the lecture, because most of them are found on blackboard.
- Join clubs and organizations. Stony Brook is a large state school, and joining clubs can help new students meet people with similar interests.
- Stay on the weekends!! It may seem like there is nothing to do, but staying on the weekends is fun and there is usually something to do, or at least bond with others who stay on the weekends.
- Go to classes that are small in size. Many professors take note of who comes and going to classes can prove to be rewarding.
- Participate in the different events that Stony Brook has, especially Roth Regatta and Strawberry fest, it is a great way to meet people and have fun.
Amamah from Huntington, NY
Don't come to Stony Brook with expectations of a state school experience. The campus is diverse and edifying beyond the limits of the state its in, and will be most rewarding to students who come in with an open mind and who are willing to work with the resources and students on campus.
Study hard and try to avoid overloading your schedule. If you like massive crowds and massive opportunities, this place is for you. If you prefer someplace where people trust each other enough to leave their backpacks in the hallway, perhaps choose a smaller school.
Mika from California
The size of Stony Brook may seem daunting but it can be a good thing if you let it. As long as you immerse yourself in the school and the overall experience you will do fine.
Janelle from Deer Park, NY
Amazing school with infinite resources. How many schools are building a hotel on campus in these economic times? Very competitive, but will prepare you for the real world.
Corinne from Douglaston, NY

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