Tennessee College of Applied Technology Nashville
Nashville, TN, USA


Tennessee College of Applied Technology Nashville
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Monique from Madison, TN

a current student here
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In three sentences
the school is great for hands-on experiences, you learn wonderful things from instructors who are willing to listen and teach, and also you get the experience of a life time.
Tips for prospective students
high quality advice and guidance is key a quality educational experience in a compassionate and respectful environment. the programs and services are designed to instill character, dignity, and competence
Academic Rigor
the academic rigor is awesome its a must for all students. it brings independence, flexibility, and understanding. we experience research and solve complex ideas to develop wait we learn in our core academic rigor.
Dorm Life
Food and Dining
we have snack machines with variety of things and restaurants are everywhere in this area.
What to do for fun
in my early childhood class we have study groups, make games, and express out experience in the early childcare field.
Bang for the buck
great education for your bucks and you will gain a lot of experience. with graduating at a short period of time. which if you fill the fafsa application you can get grants and help with your education.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
love the outside seating with great space. the snack area is clean and the facility is nice environment.they always try to keep the facility green!
Great for these types of students
great for students coming out of high school and adults that want to farther their education. a enivornment were you can get hands-on experience into the workforce and gain your degree in a short period of time. providing competency-based training through traditional and distance learning instructional delivery systems of the highest quality that will qualify individuals for employment and/or advancement in jobs.

Clubs and Activities
ttcn provides opportunities for professional, social, and personal development through various student activities. activities like career fairs, health fairs, graduation ceremonies, career image development workshops, field trips, shadowing/mentoring activities, community service projects, college workstudy opportunities, and other social and career development activities.

Greek Life
Campus Safety
great campus safety the officers are always on the campus and doing their jobs to keep the students and staff safe.
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