The College of the Florida Keys
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The College of the Florida Keys
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In three sentences
FKCC is a very small school but has very dedicated staff and faculty. This school doesn't have the resources of larger schools so it gets by on community support, which it receives graciously.
Tips for prospective students
Always do your research first! Take a visit first and check it out, then check the program majors. Diving, marine biology, marine-engineering, and nursing are the top programs at this school and are all really in-depth.
Academic Rigor
Because of how small the school is, the typical classroom size is around 25 students, give or take. Since there are less students, there is more one-on-one practice with work and better learning possibilities.
Dorm Life
To be honest, I've never been over to our new dorm but I've heard mixed reviews. I suppose it all depends on a person's lifestyle.
Food and Dining
FKCC has a small cafe run by a husband/wife team. They are both great people, very kind and humble. Dan, the chef, knows how to cook; everything is delicious and well priced! You become apart of the family and your face will be remembered by these two. Always good food and service and great jokes from the two of them!
What to do for fun
This is an aspect that FKCC is lacking. They don't have much to offer as far as fun things to do. My best suggestion for anyone is to leave the campus and check out nearby Key West, FL. Small but beautiful and there is always something going on in town!
Bang for the buck
The hidden gem about FKCC is the art department. There isn't much variety for art subjects anymore, however the ceramics studio at the back of the school is very large and productive. The studio is filled with talented students and mentors. The ceramic teacher himself is a world-renown potter who has been making all sorts of pots, statues, art, etc. for over 40 years and has had expos all over the world. His styles and influences span from Japan to India back to his hometown of Wisconsin. His name is Gerald Gogin and if you've never heard of him, look him up. He is talented and has many years of experience. The whole back half of the school is covered in murals and sculptures and pottery done by Gogin and his students. He even built the Tori Gate at the back of the school. His artwork is astounding and he is the kindest man I've ever met. He truly is the best teacher at the school and has been there the longest as well, going on 25 years now.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
The school has a dive lagoon out in the back of it. Next to the shore in the back is a beautiful, hand-built Tori Gate that is perfectly aligned to capture the sunset when sitting out back.
Great for these types of students
Great for marine-engineering students, dive students, and marine biology students. The nursing programs is really good as well. Besides that, you might as well go somewhere else.
Clubs and Activities
Student Government, Nursing Club, Leadership Club, Dive Club, etc.
Greek Life
None exist. It's a small school.
Campus Safety
Nothing ever happens here but if something were to, it may be troublesome. There is no security nor a police force.
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