Trinidad State Junior College
Trinidad, CO, USA


Trinidad State Junior College
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Alexandra from Trinidad, CO

a current student here
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In three sentences
I personally rate Trinidad State Junior College a 10 because the size of the school is perfect for me. The professors are great about taking time to help students when we need it and will make sure they get back to us as soon as possible if they are busy at the moment. Overall, I believe Trinidad State Junior College was a good choice to start my journey through college.
Tips for prospective students
Don't be nervous because it is a lot less stressful then teachers in high school make it out to be. The campus is small and close together so your not going to have to worry about being late for class! Also, don't do what I did, don't wait until the late minute before you apply for scholarships!
Academic Rigor
My grades my first semester were great! All A's and B's because the small classes make it easier to focus. Big universities have classes with up to 200 students in them, but my classes had about 20 in each class (expect my math). I never was good at math, but I love the way it is set up at Trinidad State because they let you go at your own pase.
Dorm Life
I'm not currently in the dorms so it is hard to rate them.
Food and Dining
I have only ate in the cafeteria once in the morning but it was very good and well priced!
What to do for fun
There isn't a whole lot of things to do, but the big things i would suggest is going to the home games. They're also study groups to choose from.
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