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3.90 Average Rating
Academic rigor can vary from class-to-class or even program-to-program, but in any class and any program you will find yourself challenged. Professors get to know you personally and so they know what you're capable of! While the classes are challenging, overall they're also fun and engaging.
Rebecca from Orange County, CA
Most of the professors are top notch. You'll be expected to work hard, but there will be a lot of help from your proffs along the way. The small classes and one on one attention from your professor will really pay off when your struggling with an assignment.
Peter from Corvallis, OR
A top notch University with a high standard of academic, you will surely be challenged to learn and grow. The professors really care about you and desire to meet with you in their office hours if you need clarification or a little extra help. They want you to succeed.
Jessica from Canada
With core classes, you'll find yourself taking a large and widespread course load at TWU. The classes are fast paced and you'll go through an entire textbook over the course of a couple months. Most classes are based the same way, one midterm, one research paper, and one final.
Jade from Bellingham, WA
Professors at TWU really invest in their students. They expect you to work hard but they also are always willing to talk after class if you don't understand something! I've found that Profs are fair and really want their students to love what they are learning.
Emily from Canada
this really depends on what classes and how many you choose but it is easy to be challenged or take a lighter load.
Tesha from Hillsboro, OR
All the programs have the necessary tools for life. They push you to be your best.
Maria from Canada
Teachers are amazing and high quality education
University can be a lot of work, but the cool thing is that the profs are very willing to help you out and answer your questions. They are often available to meet with you one-on-one and they care about your success not only in class but in life!
Teagan from Canada