Triton College
River Grove, IL, USA


Triton College
2.83 Average Rating

Frank from Chicago, IL

accepted here and planning to attend soon
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In three sentences
One of the best junior colleges around. Triton has a variety of classes to choose from. Located in a very convenient location, lots of transportation near by.
Tips for prospective students
Be very open minded when starting. Each college is different and has their own unique style of learning.
Academic Rigor
One of the best junior colleges around without a doubt.
Dorm Life
Live at home.
Food and Dining
Awesome food from all ethnic backrounds.
What to do for fun
Lots of stores nearby. The racetrack is very close by, walking distance. There is a variety of restaurants, all types from sit down restaurants to fast food.
Great for these types of students
Students of all nationalities and of all majors.
Clubs and Activities
Many activities to choose from and a number of clubs as well. Depends on what your looking for.
Greek Life
Being Greek, I look for Greek life. Lots of socialization is involved with not only Greeks but also with non-Greeks.
Campus Safety
Security all around the campus.
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