United States Military Academy
West Point, NY, USA

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3.98 Average Rating
You don't have to pay much money to attend, for a priceless education
Josiah from O'Fallon, IL
Unlike how some perceive it, WP is not free. Sure, monetarily cadets won't have to pay a dime out of pocket for the education they receive. But a graduating cadet commits to at least five years active duty in the US Army and four years of intense training while at USMA.
Taylor from Chesapeake, VA
It's absolutely free and you actually recieve pay so it's almost like you are already working for the Army. It was ranked #1 by Forbes Magazine.
Andrew from Las Cruces, NM
Felix from San Juan, PR
You don't pay for much. Only a couple thousand overall however it's not 100% free like everyone tells you. It's definitely all worth it though.
Carla from FL
considering it is a free school and gives you a job right when you graduate it is a bang for your buck school.
benjamin from newark, de

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