University of Advancing Technology
Tempe, AZ, USA


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What Students Are Saying

4.15 Average Rating
Although there are lots of fun things happening at this school make sure that you pay attention to your studies. Also there are a lot of projects going on that can be used in your portfolio. Make sure that you get involved with them it's great experience.
Devon from Tempe, AZ
Get involved in projects and if you have an idea start you own project!
Connect with others - in school clubs and activities, at LAN (gaming party), and in classes.
Check out the Phoenix/Tempe area. There always an event going on, you'll never feel bored!
Victoria from Killeen, TX
to go there and see it for your self and research it.
Ishmail from Rockville, MD
The University of Advancing Technology (UAT) doesn't look too much into academics, however, the courses will require academic discipline. If you took Advanced Placement classes, the coursework shouldn't be too bad. As a first semester student, I usually finish all of my homework by Friday and I have all of Saturday and Sunday to do whatever I want.Incoming students should portray their love of technology and geekyness to show UAT that you belong here.
Joel from Tempe, AZ
Must want a small technology university. This college is unique and must be a 'good fit' for your major and personality. Weather is awesome but HOT in the summer. Operates on a trimester scheduling (all year - no summers off); however, you will be done in less than 3 years!
Student from Johnsonville, NY
Apply for as many scholarships as possible, manage your time wisely, and connect with other people at the school and different industries.
This Guy Over Here
Please do you homework, do not get tied up in playing video games all day. We have a lot of dropouts because of that.
Tico from Tempe, AZ
-Time management is key.
-Group work is a big part of a lot of classes.
-Even if you are a BA, you will be doing programming.
Evanne from Kennebunk, ME
The teachers will help you but if you want to succeed you can't just go to class and go home, you need spend time just chatting with the professors about anything you can think of. Clubs and other meeting held in the school are also great ways to make the connections you'll need when you get out of school to get a job or even while in school to find an internship. You need to meet the school halfway or you wont reach your full potential.